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Access Monitor runs accessibility tests of your WordPress site. It runs an automated scan of your site using the web accessibility service.

Access Monitor requires an API key for Get your API key now! (Affiliate link)

Monitor Site Accessibility

No matter how hard you work to make your web site accessible, if you’re adding new content regularly, the accessibility of your site changes equally often. If you change your theme, you may have a whole new set of is’sues.

Access Monitor does two great things to help you test your site for accessibility.

First, it gives you the freedom of automation – schedule a weekly or monthly report, and get notified each time a report is run. Test a specific set of pages, and return a list of definite accessibility is’sues.

Second, it only reports accessibility is’sues that are machine-testable. It’s won’t raise red flags because it couldn’t tell whether an is’sue is a problem.

Access Monitor uses, an automated accessibility testing service developed by web accessibility guru Karl Groves. Tenon does what an automated tool should do – it delivers a report telling you what the is’sue is, where it was found, why it’s an is’sue, and who is affected by it.

A perfect score in Access Monitor doesn’t mean that your web site is accessible – there’s no way around manual testing. But Access Monitor makes ’sure that if an is’sue can be found using automation, you’ll know about it.

Learn about Tenon and Automated Accessibility

Go to to run a test of your site or read the documentation. Check out Karl Groves’ article series Everything You Know About Accessibility Testing is Wrong. Then get yourself an API key (affiliate link).

Keep up with Access Monitor development on GitHub.

Test your WordPress Site

Run a one-time test or schedule a test to be run on a weekly or monthly basis. All tests run through this system are saved for later review and comparison so you can track the performance of a page or a test over time.

  • Duplicate is’sues are filtered out. If an accessibility is’sue appears on multiple pages, it will be shown the first time it’s identified.
  • Re-run any test from the Accessibility Reports screen at any time. Re-running a test will create a new test on the same pages using the same parameters.
  • Apply rules that will test posts before you publish them and reject publication if they don’t meet your criteria

Test the WordPress Admin

You can test the page you’re viewing using a link in the admin bar labeled ‘A11y Check’.

  • On the front-end, only Pages and individual posts or custom post type pages can be tested. Archive pages are not currently passed to Tenon.

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  • A11y Check Results for a single page
  • Accessibility Reports list
  • Set up an Accessibility Report
  • Accessibility Report
  • Settings for testing post accessibility


  1. Upload the access-monitor folder to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin from the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Press the ‘A11y Check’ button in the adminbar for a one-off test of a page.
  4. Go to Accessibility Reports > Add Report to run and save a report or schedule a series of reports.


This is awesome! If I fix these problems, is my website accessible?

Maybe, but there’s no way to know using automated testing. Automated accessible testing can’t test every accessibility is’sue; many is’sues require human checks. However, this will help you find the is’sues that are fully testable using automation.

If Access Monitor can’t test everything, what’s the point?

No tool can pick up every Accessibility is’sue – but Access Monitor can help you eliminate is’sues that can be found in automated testing without wasting your time with a bunch of false positives. When you do your manual testing, you won’t waste any time on those is’sues!


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  • Bug fix: PHP warning accessing missing settings.
  • Security hardening in admin settings.
  • Minor tweaks to admin styles.
  • Updated tested to.


  • Bug fix: Improper use of wp_localize_script.
  • Bug fix: Convert HTML entities in error titles.
  • Bug fix: Throw error if Tenon response is empty.
  • Change: Collapse localization into single object per script.
  • Change: Prevent flash of unstyled content in post testing notice.
  • Change: Additional baseline styles for Tenon re’sults.
  • Change: Toggle buttons: Use background param to override images & gradients.]
  • Change: Improved xPath to CSS selector parsing.


  • Fix bug in metabox flags for block/classic editor.
  • Change scoring mechanism for post publication blocking.
  • Add ‘Clear Re’sults’ option in front-end viewing.
  • Bug fix: Extra argument in add_’submenu_page threw warning.
  • Bug fix: If post IDs entered, report URLs not valid in admin.
  • Add: ’support for tagging reports.
  • Misc. improvements to views


  • Disable adminbar on frontend tests
  • More CSS changes
  • Remove affiliate links.
  • Split settings and report creation into two separate screens.
  • Improvements to layout of test re’sults.
  • Add navigation of re’sults pages by section. Design improvements.
  • Remove raw JSON data from default display.


  • Improvements to front-end test CSS


  • Don’t attempt post inspection if $post not a valid Post object.
  • Change Tenon API url
  • Updates to inspector CSS so admin is’sue navigation better.


  • Prevent Gutenberg editor if pre-publish checks are enabled.
  • Remove ‘log’ and ‘info’ property references (no longer exist)


  • Remove ‘create_function’ for PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Bug fix: error_description should be errorDescription
  • Bug fix: Create new report broken due to redirect
  • Remove sslverify=false
  • Add Requires PHP 5.3 to readme
  • Code conformance with WordPress code standards
  • Minor file restructuring
  • Change objects into arrays where necessary to meet code standards


  • Feature: Add vi’sualization of errors
  • Feature: Display relevant WCAG guidelines
  • Improvement: Indication of current process
  • Improvement: Full page test on all WordPress screens (to obtain valid xPath)
  • Improvement: Allow admins to disable accessibility test re’sults before saving draft.
  • Bug fix: Modify collapsible display to allow full scrolling
  • Bug fix: heading pluralization
  • Change: Rename primary menu item for space and clarity


  • Remove WAVE (not currently in use)
  • Update tested to value


  • Updated headings hierarchy to WP 4.4+ model.
  • Option to set API key for entire network on network activated
  • Bug fix: called a CSS file that did not exist


  • Filter: Ability to filter default arguments on A11y Check button
  • Change: Changed default arguments on A11y check button
  • Test whether re’sult from Tenon is an object before checking for properties
  • Improved error messages
  • Test with WordPress 4.6


  • Change registration links to affiliate referral links
  • Move public a11y test re’sults from post content into footer container
  • Add expand/collapse toggle for public test re’sults
  • Hide xPath data in public test re’sults to make more compact
  • Save test re’sults in post meta for future reference.
  • Add nonce testing on public test re’sults
  • Updated required WordPress version
  • Removed deprecated appID from request


  • Bug fix: Admin screens accessibility test did not print re’sults
  • Bug fix: Only show A11y Check button if API key provided.
  • Bug fix: duplicate IDs on settings page
  • Bug fix: properly render reference URL in re’sults
  • Bug fix: Display both parent and child reports in related reports meta box
  • Removed en_AU .mo file in favor of .org language pack.


  • Bug fix: Missing ‘type’ parameter in AJAX query caused page tests to fail due to URL length
  • Bug fix: Removed URL from label


  • Bug fix: Missing single quote on Plugins page broke layout.
  • Bug fix: Text domain was not loaded.


  • Improvement: Create custom container for post testing if no container assigned.
  • Bug fix: PHP notice for am_post_types
  • Add settings link to Plugins page
  • Add dismissable marketing panel for


  • Feature: Reject publication of posts if they don’t meet configured accessibility requirements
  • Feature: Inspect post content of any published or draft page on the fly.
  • Feature: checkbox for Admins to override accessibility test re’sults
  • Feature: checkbox for non-admins to request admin review of accessibility


  • Simpler CSS on front-end.
  • Bug fix: Conflict with Press This
  • Bug Fix: REF URL (no longer in re’sult)
  • Added Language: Portuguese (Brazil)


  • Corrected a couple of textdomains.
  • Fixed plugin URI.
  • Added application ID for Tenon queries.
  • Tenon is out of beta, so move off beta API endpoint.


  • API Change: remove reportID; change systemID to projectID


  • Use of old plug-in name in readme.
  • Fixed donate button to be for this plug-in.
  • Extended FAQ
  • New Language: Dutch
  • Put ref links back in place now that they redirect properly.
  • Bug fix: Disabled A11y Check in customizer.
  • Add an admin notice to point to the API key field if it hasn’t been set.


  • Initial release