Advanced Accordion Gutenberg Block


Advanced Accordion Gutenberg Block is a custom native Gutenberg Block that allows you to build a FAQs Section or Accordion easily on your site post and page using Gutenberg Editor.

Video Overview

Key Features

  • Custom Minimal Design
  • Super fast, light-weight and optimized
  • Linked Accordion
  • Built with Gutenberg Native Components
  • Unlimited Nested Accordion
  • Unlimited Styling with Custom Margin, Padding, Border Radius, Color, Background, Tag Selection, etc
  • Highly Customizable with a lot of options
  • All Content Types are supported for accordion body content
  • Custom Color Palette
  • Active Accordion on Page Load
  • Responsive, SEO friendly
  • Unlimited FAQs
  • Infinite Reusable



This plugin provides 3 blocks.

  • Group Accordion Build Accordion and FAQs Easily.
  • Separate Accordion Build Accordion and FAQs Easily.
  • Single Accordion Single Accordion for Group Accordion


It’s really easy and super simple to install Quick Edit plugin.

Automatic Installation

  1. Go to Plugins > Add New screen in WordPress.
  2. Search for Advanced Accordion Block.
  3. Install and activate the plugin, that’s it.

Manual Installation

  1. Download Advanced Accordion Block.
  2. Extract the file. You’ll get plugin files inside Advanced Accordion Block directory.
  3. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/advanced-accordion-block directory.
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress.


have you used any framework to develop this?

No. It has been developed with 100% Gutenberg Native components. No Framework at all.

is it responsive?

Definitely, it is responsive.

Can I use it with any theme?

Yes, you can use it with any theme.

Will it slow down my site?

Never, it is light-weight and never slow down your site. In addition, it only loads scripts on the pages where the block is used.

Is it built with Gutenberg Native Components?

Yes, it is built with 100% Gutenberg Native Components.


7 di Mai dal 2024
The plugin works very fine, but it generates an error when you activate it, please fix it. However it’s activated anyway
10 di Avrîl dal 2024
The plugin is well designed and the developers helped me with an issue immediately. I also submitted a couple feature requests and the Spider Themes team was very responsive.
4 di Avrîl dal 2024
an issue I can see when comparing our staging- to our production-site. version 4.6.0 still works wonderfully, but with the version 4.6.4 update accordion icons will not maintain the arrow-down-up option that I’ve selected and just pops back to the plus/minus option after 1-2 seconds. A little annoying, but not a huge issue 🙂 otherwise, good stuff!
19 di Zenâr dal 2024
The plugin works great for me and was exactly what was expected.The support team is very professional and responds very quickly
11 di Lui dal 2023
At first the plug-in didn’t work for me, but the developer, Zakaria Binsaifullah, was very attentive and helped me identify another conflicting plug-in that was causing the problem. Now it works great. Not only am I thankful for the functionality, I super thankful for the attention that I received – especially for a free plug-in. Recommended for all wordpress sites!
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Contributors & Developers

“Advanced Accordion Gutenberg Block” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.



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4.7.0 (05 June 2024)

New: Added Step layout. You can change the accordion layout to step layout to allow user navigate step by step.
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4.7.0 (05 June 2024)

New: Added FAQ schema option. Now, you’re able to turn on FAQ schema for your accordion
New: Accordion headings keyboard-navigable
New: Added Question & Answer style layout
Fixed: Resolve Accordion focus issue
Fixed: Resolve icon change & position option
Updated: Freemius SDK to 2.7.2
Tweaked: Style & Script loaded conditionally

4.6.0 (23 November 2023)

Updated: Freemius SDK to 2.6.1
Tweaked: Removed some unnecessary links


  • Changed the plugin ownership to spider-themes
  • Plugin’s page moved under the WordPress Settings page from Tools page
  • Plugin’s welcome page design changed/improved


  • Adding new Group Accordion block
  • Adding animation
  • Fixing minor issues


  • Click event issue fixing
  • Id for accordion
  • Linked Accordion feature
  • Disable Accordion feature
  • Block Patterns added


  • A Major updates with a lot of changes
  • Remoe jQuery dependency
  • Fix Border Complicity
  • More Icons and Icons separate styling
  • Border Radius
  • Active Accordion on Page Load
  • Custom Margin & Padding Options


  • A Major updates with a lot of changes
  • Nested Accordion
  • Accordion Container Border
  • Accordion head & body color & background


  • Supports all blocks for building accordion content
  • Icon issue fixing
  • Compatibility check with latest WP version


  • Initially released this version.
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