ElasticPress, a fast and flexible search and query engine for WordPress, enables WordPress to find or “query” relevant content extremely fast through a variety of highly customizable features. WordPress out-of-the-box struggles to analyze content relevancy and can be very slow. ElasticPress supercharges your WordPress website making for happier users and administrators. The plugin even contains features for popular plugins.

Here is a list of the amazing ElasticPress features included in the plugin:

Search: Instantly find the content you’re looking for. The first time.

Instant Results: A built for WordPress search experience that bypasses WordPress for optimal performance. Instant Results routes search queries through a dedicated API, separate from WordPress, returning results up to 10x faster than previous versions of ElasticPress.

WooCommerce: “I want a cotton, woman’s t-shirt, for under $15 that’s in stock.” Faceted product browsing strains servers and increases load times. Your buyers can find the perfect product quickly, and buy it quickly.

Related Posts: ElasticPress understands data in real time, so it can instantly deliver engaging and precise related content with no impact on site performance.

Protected Content: Optionally index all of your content, including private and unpublished content, to speed up searches and queries in places like the administrative dashboard.

Documents: Indexes text inside of popular file types, and adds those files types to search results.

Autosuggest: Suggest relevant content as text is entered into the search field.

Facets: Add controls to your website to filter content by one or more taxonomies.

Users: Improve user search relevancy and query performance.

Comments: Indexes your comments and provides a widget with type-ahead search functionality. It works with WooCommerce product reviews out-of-the-box.


  • Features Page
  • Search Fields & Weighting Dashboard
  • Sync Page
  • Synonyms Dashboard
  • Instant Results modal


This plugin provides 5 blocks.

  • Search Comments (ElasticPress)
  • Facet by Meta (ElasticPress)
  • Facet by Meta Range - Beta (ElasticPress)
  • Facet by Taxonomy (ElasticPress)
  • Related Posts (ElasticPress)


  1. First, you will need to properly install and configure Elasticsearch.
  2. Activate the plugin in WordPress.
  3. In the ElasticPress settings page, input your Elasticsearch host.
  4. Sync your content by clicking the sync icon.
  5. Enjoy!


How does ElasticPress work?

The ElasticPress plugin enables you to connect your WordPress site to the ElasticPress.io service, a SaaS solution that provides an enhanced search experience while reducing load on your WordPress site. For advanced users familiar with both WordPress and Elasticsearch hosting and management, ElasticPress also offers support for plugin functionality using an Elasticsearch instance. Please keep in mind that there are multiple security, performance, and configuration considerations to take into account if you take this approach.

I have to use an in-house or custom Elasticsearch solution due to policy or institutional requirements. Can you still help?

If circumstances prevent the use of a SaaS solution like ElasticPress.io, we can also provide consulting around installation and configuration of custom Elasticsearch instances.

Where can I find ElasticPress documentation and user guides?

Please refer to GitHub for detailed usage instructions and documentation. FAQs and tutorials can be also found on our support site.

I have a problem with the plugin. Where can I get help?

If you have identified a bug or would like to suggest an enhancement, please refer to our GitHub repo. We do not provide support here at WordPress.org forums.

If you are an ElasticPress.io customer, please open a ticket in your account dashboard. If you need a custom solution, we also offer consulting.

Is ElasticPress compatible with OpenSearch or Elasticsearch X.Y?

ElasticPress requirements can be found in the Requirements section of our GitHub repository. If your solution relies on a different server or version, you may find additional information on our Compatibility documentation page.

I really like ElasticPress! Can I contribute?

For sure! Feel free to submit ideas or feedback in general to our GitHub repo. If you can, also consider sending us a review.


28 di Setembar dal 2022 1 reply
This plugin is solid and very easy to set up. It also integrates very well with custom code and the search functionality can be easily extended or customised.
30 di Març dal 2022 1 reply
Definitely helps speed up the Wordpress search. It is at par with many other premium plugins out there. Highly appreciate and recommend this one. Also great support.
12 di Fevrâr dal 2022 1 reply
Look people, you need to set up elasticSEARCH on your server first, or use a paid service. This plugin (elasticPRESS) works as advertised and it's clear that some ignorant people are penalizing this plugin for the difficulties inherent in setting up the server, and/or they don't know how to add custom code snippets here and there. Two thumbs way up from me.
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Contributors & Developers

“ElasticPress” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“ElasticPress” has been translated into 2 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

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Interested in development?

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4.5.2 – 2023-04-19

Note that starting from the ElasticPress 5.0.0 release the Users feature will be moved to the ElasticPress Labs plugin. The Terms and Comments features will remain in ElasticPress but will be available only if enabled via code. Check our blog post for more info.


  • New ep_enable_query_integration_during_indexing filter. Props @rebeccahum.



  • Authenticated requests for autosuggest were not being properly cached while using external object cache. Props @felipeelia.

4.5.1 – 2023-04-11

Note that starting from the ElasticPress 5.0.0 release the Users feature will be moved to the ElasticPress Labs plugin. The Terms and Comments features will remain in ElasticPress but will be available only if enabled via code. Check our blog post for more info.


  • New ep_instant_results_args_schema filter for filtering Instant Results arguments schema. Props @JakePT.
  • New ep.Autosuggest.navigateCallback JS filter for changing the behavior of a clicked element on Autosuggest. Props @oscarssanchez, @felipeelia, and @JakePT.
  • New ep.Autosuggest.fetchOptions JS filter for filtering Elasticsearch fetch configuration of Autosuggest. Props @tlovett1, @MARQAS, and @felipeelia.
  • Code linting before pushing to the repository. Props @felipeelia.
  • Unit tests for the Status Reports feature. Props @burhandodhy.


  • Meta field facets now only filter based on fields selected on blocks. The new ep_facet_should_check_if_allowed filter reverts this behavior. Props @felipeelia and @burhandodhy.


  • Instant Results crashing when using taxonomies as facets that are attached to both searchable and non-searchable post types. Props @JakePT.
  • Fatal error during plugin uninstall. Props @felipeelia.
  • Compatibility issue which prevented Instant Results from working in WordPress 6.2. Props @JakePT.
  • Fatal error while syncing on older versions of WordPress. Props @felipeelia, @TorlockC.
  • Facets removing taxonomy parameters in the URL when not using pretty permalinks. Props @MARQAS and @felipeelia.
  • JS errors when creating Facet blocks in WP 6.2. Props @felipeelia and @burhandodhy.
  • ep_index_meta option blowing up on an indexing process with many errors. Props @rebeccahum and @felipeelia.
  • Typo in index_output WP-CLI command help text. Props @bratvanov.
  • React warning messages for the comments block. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Fixed action_edited_term to call kill_sync in SyncManager for post Indexable. Props @rebeccahum.
  • Undefined array key 'index' during sync. Props @felipeelia and @burhandodhy.
  • Meta Range Facet Block e2e tests. Props @oscarssanchez and @felipeelia.
  • Users e2e tests using WP 6.2. Props @felipeelia.


  • Bumped webpack from 5.75.0 to 5.76.3. Props @dependabot.

4.5.0 – 2023-03-09

Note that starting from the ElasticPress 5.0.0 release the Users feature will be moved to the ElasticPress Labs plugin. The Terms and Comments features will remain in ElasticPress but will be available only if enabled via code. Check our blog post for more info.

ElasticPress 4.5.0 release highlights:


  • Autosuggest for WooCommerce Orders. Props @JakePT and @felipeelia.
  • New Facet by Meta Range block (currently in Beta.) Props @felipeelia.
  • Option to display term counts in Facets blocks. Props @felipeelia.
  • New capability for managing ElasticPress. Props @tlovett1, @tott, and @felipeelia.
  • New “Download report” button in the Status Report page. Props @felipeelia.
  • ElasticPress.io messages system. Props @felipeelia and @JakePT.
  • WP CLI commands get-search-template, put-search-template, and delete-search-template. Props @oscarssanchez.
  • New --status parameter to the get-indices WP-CLI command. Props @felipeelia.
  • New ep_instant_results_per_page filter for changing the number of results per page in Instant Results. Props @JakePT.
  • Support for post_parent__in and post_parent__not_in. Props @MARQAS.
  • New ep_sync_args filter. Props @felipeelia and @nickchomey.
  • “Full Sync” (Yes/No) to the Last Sync section in Status Report. Props @felipeelia.
  • New ep_user_register_feature and ep_feature_is_visible filters. Props @felipeelia.
  • Requests now have a new header called X-ElasticPress-Request-ID to help with debugging. Props @felipeelia.
  • Compatibility with 'orderby' => 'none' in WP_Query. Props @felipeelia.
  • Unit tests related to the ep_weighting_configuration_for_search filter. Props @felipeelia.
  • New Unit tests for the WooCoomerce feature. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • Description for the --network-wide flag in WP-CLI commands. Props @MARQAS.
  • New is_available() helper method in the Feature class. Props @burhandodhy.


  • Indices of disabled features will be deleted during a full sync. Mappings of needed but non-existent indices will be added even during a regular sync. Props @felipeelia.
  • Reduced number of WooCommerce product queries automatically integrated with ElasticPress. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • The number of results per page in Instant Results now matches the site’s posts per page setting. Props @JakePT.
  • Under the hood improvements to the structure of Instant Results. Props @JakePT.
  • Apply the “Exclude from Search” filter directly on ES Query. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Avoid using Elasticsearch if query has an unsupported orderby clause. Props @burhandodhy.
  • E2e tests split into 2 groups to be executed in parallel. Props @iamchughmayank, @burhandodhy, and @felipeelia.
  • Filter command flags using get_flag_value(). Props @oscarssanchez and @felipeelia.
  • Code Standards are now applied to the test suite as well. Props @felipeelia.
  • Text displayed when a feature that requires a sync is about to be enabled. Props @felipeelia and @brandwaffle.


  • Remove legacy filters woocommerce_layered_nav_query_post_ids, woocommerce_unfiltered_product_ids, and ep_wp_query_search_cached_posts. Props @burhandodhy.


  • API requests for Instant Results sent on page load before the modal has been opened. Props @JakePT.
  • Prevent search queries for coupons from using Elasticsearch. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Thumbnails are not removed from indexed WooCommerce Products when the attachments are deleted. Props @burhandodhy and @JakePT.
  • Auto sync posts associated with a child term when the term parent is changed. Props @MARQAS and @felipeelia.
  • Status Report page firing requests to ES twice. Props @felipeelia.
  • Sanitization of Meta Queries. Props @MARQAS.
  • Facets styles not enqueued more than once. Props @felipeelia and @MediaMaquina.
  • Duplicate terms listed in Instant Results facets. Props @felipeelia.
  • Not setting the post context when indexing a post. Props @tomjn.
  • Some utilitary methods in the Command class treated as WP-CLI Commands. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • Make the “Failed Queries” notice dismissible. Props @oscarssanchez and @felipeelia.
  • Undefined index 'elasticpress' in the Status Report page. Props @MARQAS.
  • Undefined array key 'displayCount' error for facet. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Warnings on the feature setup page. Props @burhandodhy.


  • Bumped http-cache-semantics from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1. Props @dependabot.
  • Bumped got from 9.6.0 to 11.8.5 and simple-bin-help from 1.7.7 to 1.8.0. Props @dependabot.
  • Bumped simple-git from 3.15.1 to 3.16.0. Props @dependabot.
  • Bumped json5 from 1.0.1 to 1.0.2. Props @dependabot.

4.4.1 – 2023-01-10

Note that starting from the ElasticPress 5.0.0 release the Users feature will be moved to the ElasticPress Labs plugin. The Terms and Comments features will remain in ElasticPress but will be available only if enabled via code.

This is a bug fix release.




  • Unnecessary remove_filters from the unit tests. Props @burhandodhy.


  • Sync is stopped if put mapping throws an error. Props @burhandodhy, @JakePT, and @felipeelia.
  • Layout issue in Instant Results that would occur with small result sets. Props @JakePT.
  • Issue where keyboard focus on a facet option was lost upon selection. Props @JakePT.
  • JS error on Status Report page. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • Hooks documentation reference. Props @burhandodhy.
  • 'current' as value for the 'sites' parameter. Props @burhandodhy, @oscarssanchez, and @anders-naslund.
  • Uncaught ArgumentCountError: Too few arguments to function WP_CLI::halt() message. Props @burhandodhy and @JakePT.
  • Queries with post_parent set to 0 not working correctly. Props @JiveDig.
  • Sync command exits without any error message if mapping fails. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • Evaluate the WP-CLI --pretty flag as real boolean. Props @oscarssanchez.
  • Remove deprecated command from the error message. Props @burhandodhy.
  • CLI command delete-index --network-wide throws error when EP is not network activated. Props @burhandodhy.
  • E2E tests for PHP 8. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Feature title issue on the report page and notices. Props @burhandodhy and @JakePT.
  • Autosuggest Site Health Info containing incorrect information unrelated to Autosuggest. Props @JakePT.
  • Styling of the Instant Results Facets field. Props @JakePT.


  • Bumped simple-git from 3.6.0 to 3.15.1. Props @dependabot.

4.4.0 – 2022-11-29

Note that starting from the ElasticPress 5.0.0 release the Users feature will be moved to the ElasticPress Labs plugin. The Terms and Comments features will remain in ElasticPress but will be available only if enabled via code.

ElasticPress 4.4.0 release highlights:

  • New Status Report page and failed queries logs (#3130, #3148, and #3136)
  • Instant Results template customization (#2959)
  • Facets by Meta available by default. Users should delete the 1-file plugin released with 4.3.0 (#3071)
  • New option to exclude posts from search (#3100)
  • Renamed some WP-CLI commands and added deprecation notices for the old versions (see table below)


  • New Status Report page. Props @felipeelia, @JakePT, @tott, and @brandwaffle.
  • New Query Logger to display admin notices about failed queries and the list in the new Status Report page. Props @felipeelia, @JakePT, and @brandwaffle.
  • New option to exclude posts from search. Props @burhandodhy, @felipeelia, and @JakePT.
  • Search Comments block. Replaces the Comments widget in the block editor. Props @JakePT and @felipeelia.
  • [Instant Results] Notice when ElasticPress is network activated warning that Instant Results will not work on all sites without additional steps. Props @JakePT.
  • Extra debugging information in the browser console when syncing fails and more useful error messages with a troubleshooting URL. Props @JakePT.
  • New elasticpress.InstantResults.Result JavaScript filter for filtering the component used for Instant Results search results. Props @JakePT.
  • New window.epInstantResults.openModal() method for developers to manually open Instant Results. Props @JakePT.
  • Support for stock_status filter on the WooCommerce Admin Product List. Props @felipeelia and @jakgsl.
  • Option to toggle the term count in Instant results. Props @MARQAS and @JakePT.
  • New ep_autosuggest_query_args filter, to change WP Query args of the autosuggest query template. Props @felipeelia.
  • New ep_post_filters filter and refactor of the Post::format_args method. Props @felipeelia.
  • New get_index_settings() method to retrieve index settings. Props @rebeccahum.
  • New ep_woocommerce_default_supported_post_types and ep_woocommerce_admin_searchable_post_types filters. Props @ecaron.
  • Add test factories for Post, User and Term. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Unit tests to check access to custom results endpoints. Props @burhandodhy.
  • New unit tests for the user feature. Props @burhandodhy.


  • Facets by Meta available by default. Props @burhandodhy.
  • If an Elasticsearch index is missing, force a full sync. Props @MARQAS, @felipeelia, and @JakePT.
  • ElasticPress.io clients only need to enter the Subscription ID now. Props @MARQAS and @felipeelia.
  • Renderer::order_by_selected visibility. Props @burhandodhy.
  • After editing a term, only sync posts if the term is associated with fewer posts than the Content Items per Index Cycle number. Props @felipeelia, @cmcandrew, @DenisFlorin, and @burhandodhy.
  • The meta_query clause when using the meta_key parameter. Props @felipeelia, @MARQAS, and @Greygooo.
  • Facets filters are not applied in the WP Query level anymore. Props @felipeelia and @burhandodhy.
  • To be compatible with WordPress 6.1, when passing 'all' as the fields parameter of WP_User_Query only user IDs will be returned. Props @felipeelia and @burhandodhy.
  • update_term_meta_cache parameter set as false while getting terms for Facets. Props @mae829.
  • Small refactor of Indexables’ parse_orderby to make it easier to read. Props @felipeelia.
  • Search algorithms descriptions. Props @felipeelia.
  • Hide taxonomies from facet block whose show_ui is set to false. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Use Utils\*_option() when possible. Props @rebeccahum.
  • Remove unnecessary check from allow_excerpt_html. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Updated Cypress (version 9 to 10). Props @felipeelia.
  • Use factory to create comments for tests. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Improved e2e tests performance. Props @felipeelia.
  • GitHub Action used by PHPCS. Props @felipeelia.


  • The following WP-CLI commands were deprecated. They will still work but with a warning.
    • wp elasticpress index in favor of wp elasticpress sync
    • wp elasticpress get-cluster-indexes in favor of wp elasticpress get-cluster-indices
    • wp elasticpress get-indexes in favor of wp elasticpress get-indices
    • wp elasticpress clear-index in favor of wp elasticpress clear-sync
    • wp elasticpress get-indexing-status in favor of wp elasticpress get-ongoing-sync-status
    • wp elasticpress get-last-cli-index in favor of wp elasticpress get-last-cli-sync
    • wp elasticpress stop-indexing in favor of wp elasticpress stop-sync

Props @MARQAS and @felipeelia.

  • The sites parameter for WP_Query, WP_Term_Query and WP_Comment_Query was deprecated in favor of the new site__in and site__not_in. Props @burhandodhy.


  • Compatibility code for WP < 4.6 in the Post Search feature. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Legacy hook from unit tests. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Time average box in the Index Health page. Props @felipeelia and @alaa-alshamy.
  • [Protected Content] Removed post types to be indexed by default: ep-synonym, ep-pointer, wp_global_styles, wp_navigation, wp_template, and wp_template_part. Props @felipeelia.


  • Clicking on the Facet Term redirect to Homepage. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Custom results are not highlighted. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Error when passing an array of post types to WP_Comment_Query. Props @felipeelia, @JakePT, and @MARQAS.
  • Deprecated filters for search algorithms do not overwrite values set with the newer filters. Props @felipeelia and @marc-tt.
  • No posts returned when an invalid value was passed to the tax_query parameter. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Incorrect excerpt when get_the_excerpt is called outside the Loop and Excerpt highlighting option is enabled. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Facet returns no result for a term having accent characters. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • An issue where some characters in taxonomy terms would appear encoded when displayed in Instant Results. Props @JakePT.
  • An issue that caused Autosuggest filter functions to no longer work. Props @JakePT.
  • An issue that prevented clicking Autosuggest suggestions if they had been customized with additional markup. Props @JakePT.
  • WooCommerce custom product sort order. Props @felipeelia and @MARQAS.
  • Network alias creation failed warning when one of the sites is deactivated. Props @burhandodhy.
  • JS Error on widget screen. Props @burhandodhy.
  • PHP Warning when a post has no comments. Props @felipeelia and @JiveDig.
  • put-mapping --network-wide throws error when plugin is not activated on network. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Internationalization of strings in JavaScript files. Props @felipeelia.
  • Documentation of the ep_woocommerce_admin_products_list_search_fields filter. Props @felipeelia.
  • Warning if _source is not returned in query hit. Props @pschoffer.
  • Undefined variable $update on synonyms page. Props @burhandodhy.
  • PHP 8 deprecation warning related to uasort() usage. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Cypress intermittent tests failures. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • Fix PHP Unit Tests for PHP 8. Props @burhandodhy.


  • Bumped loader-utils from 1.4.0 to 1.4.2. Props @dependabot.

4.3.1 – 2022-09-27

This release fixes some bugs and also adds some new filters.


  • New ep_facet_taxonomy_terms filter to filter the Facet terms. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • Added ep.Autosuggest.itemHTML, ep.Autosuggest.listHTML, ep.Autosuggest.query, and ep.Autosuggest.element JavaScript hooks to Autosuggest and migrated filter functions to hook callbacks for backwards compatibility. Props @JakePT.
  • E2E tests for the Comments Feature. Props @burhandodhy.
  • E2E tests for the Instant Results feature. Props @MARQAS and @felipeelia.
  • More E2E tests for the WooCommerce Feature. Props @burhandodhy.


  • REST API endpoints used for managing custom results are no longer publicly accessible. Props @JakePT and @PypWalters.


  • WooCommerce data privacy eraser query deleting all orders if EP is enabled for admin and Ajax requests. Props @sun and @bogdanarizancu.
  • Facets removing WooCommerce sorting. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • Facets triggering the ElasticPress integration in feed pages. Props @felipeelia and @rafaucau.
  • Taxonomy Facet tree issue when child category is selected. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Term search in the admin panel for non-public taxonomies returning nothing. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Clicking a Related Posts link while in the editor no longer follows the link. Props @JakePT.
  • Visual alignment of elements in the Settings page. Props @MARQAS and @felipeelia.
  • Intermittent tests failures. Props @burhandodhy.

4.3.0 – 2022-08-31

ElasticPress 4.3.0 fixes some bugs and introduces some new and exciting changes.

WooCommerce Product Variations SKUs are now a publicly searchable field. Site administrators wanting to allow users to search for their product variations SKUs can enable it in the Search Fields & Weighting Dashboard, under Products. If a user searches for a variation SKU, the parent product will be displayed in the search results.

The last ElasticPress sync information is now available in WordPress’s Site Health. If you want to check information like the date of the last full sync, time spent, number of indexed content, or errors go to Tools -> Site Health, open the Info tab and click on ElasticPress – Last Sync.

Facets received some further improvements in this version. In addition to some refactoring related to WordPress Block Editor, ElasticPress 4.3.0 ships with an experimental version of a Facet By Meta block. With that, users will be able to filter content based on post meta fields. If you want to try it, download and activate this plugin. Do you have an idea of an enhancement? Search in our facets label in GitHub and if it is not there yet, feel free to open a new issue. We would love to hear new ideas!


  • Search products by their variations’ SKUs. Props @burhandodhy.
  • New block to Facet by Meta fields. Props @felipeelia and @tott.
  • Display last sync info in site health screen. Props @oscarssanchez and @felipeelia.
  • New epwr_decay_field filter to set the decay field for date weighting. Props @MARQAS and @HypeAU.
  • Autosuggest: filter the autosuggest ElasticSearch query by defining a window.epAutosuggestQueryFilter() function in JavaScript. Props @johnwatkins0.
  • Autosuggest: filter the HTML of all results by defining a window.epAutosuggestListItemsHTMLFilter() function in JavaScript. Props @JakePT.
  • Autosuggest: filter the container element by defining a window.epAutosuggestElementFilter() function in JavaScript. Props @JakePT.
  • Documentation for Autosuggest JavaScript filters. Props @JakePT and @brandwaffle.
  • Documentation for styling Instant Results. Props @JakePT.
  • Use wp_cache_flush_group() for autosuggest when available. Props @tillkruss.
  • The public search API is automatically deactivated when the Instant Results feature is deactivated. Props @JakePT.
  • Support for transforming instances of the legacy Facet and Related Posts widgets into blocks. Props @JakePT.
  • Use wp_cache_flush_runtime() when available. Props @tillkruss, @felipeelia, and @tott.
  • E2E tests for the Custom Results feature. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • E2E tests for the Terms feature. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.


  • Improved performance in get_term_tree(). Props @rebeccahum.
  • Migrated Related Posts block definitions to block.json. Props @JakePT.
  • Total comment count made during sync process to be a proper count call. Props @felipeelia and @bsabalaskey.
  • Search algorithms moved to separate classes. Props @felipeelia.
  • The legacy Facet and Related Posts widgets are now hidden when using the block editor. Props @JakePT.
  • Facets are now divided by types and received their own class. Props @felipeelia.
  • PHP compatibility check merged to regular lint. Props @felipeelia.
  • E2e tests to run WP-CLI commands in an existent docker container. Props @felipeelia.
  • Increased E2e tests coverage for WP-CLI commands. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.


  • The following filters were deprecated. They will still work but add a notice in the error logs.
    • Deprecated ep_formatted_args_query in favour of ep_post_formatted_args_query
    • Deprecated ep_match_phrase_boost in favour of ep_post_match_phrase_boost
    • Deprecated ep_match_boost in favour of ep_post_match_boost
    • Deprecated ep_fuzziness_arg in favour of ep_post_fuzziness_arg
    • Deprecated ep_match_fuzziness in favour of ep_post_match_fuzziness
    • Deprecated ep_match_cross_fields_boost in favour of ep_post_match_cross_fields_boost


  • Error returned by the recreate-network-alias CLI command when called on single site. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Term objects in format_hits_as_terms to use WP_Term instead of stdClass to match WordPress expectations. Props @jonathanstegall.
  • Post reindex on meta deletion. Props @pschoffer.
  • Autosaved drafts not showing up in draft post listing when using the Protected Content feature. Props @rebeccahum and @felipeelia.
  • Display fatal error messages in the Sync Dashboard. Props @felipeelia and @orasik.
  • An issue where syncing after skipping setup, instead of deleting and syncing, resulted in an error. Props @JakePT.
  • Stuck progress bar when no post is found. Props @felipeelia and @burhandodhy.
  • Infinite loop during sync if the site has just password protected posts and no other content. Props @felipeelia and @burhandodhy.
  • JS error on Custom Results edit page. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Horizontal scroll in ElasticPress Quick Setup Screen. Props @MARQAS and @JakePT.
  • Allows to replace post_excerpt with highlighted results from within AJAX and other integrated contexts. Props @nickchomey.
  • Empty results for taxonomy terms that have non ASCII characters. Props @alaa-alshamy.
  • Format of highlight tags quotation mark. Props @nickchomey.
  • Intermittent error with sticky posts in the tests suite. Props @felipeelia.


  • Bumped terser from 5.12.0 to 5.14.2. Props @dependabot.
  • Bumped @wordpress/env from 4.5.0 to 5.0.0. Props @felipeelia.

4.2.2 – 2022-07-14

This is a bug fix release.


  • New ep_enable_do_weighting filter and re-factor with new function apply_weighting. Props @rebeccahum and @felipeelia.
  • New ep_default_analyzer_char_filters filter. Props @rebeccahum.
  • E2E test to prevent saving feature settings during a sync. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Full compatibility with Composer v2. Props @felipeelia.


  • update_index_settings() now accounts for the index closing action timing out and re-opens index if closed. Props @rebeccahum.


  • Wrong post types being displayed on the homepage while having the Facets feature enabled. Props @felipeelia and @oscarssanchez.
  • Wrong notice about unsupported server software. Props @felipeelia.


  • Bumped moment from 2.29.2 to 2.29.4. Props @dependabot.

4.2.1 – 2022-06-28

This is a bug fix release.




  • Fatal error related to WP-CLI timers on long-running syncs. Props @felipeelia and @przestrzal.
  • Uncaught TypeError on the Settings Page. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Meta values that are not dates converted into date format. Props @burhandodhy, @oscarssanchez, @tott, and @felipeelia.
  • An issue where feature settings could be saved during a sync. Props @JakePT.
  • Admin menu bar items are not clickable when instant results popup modal is activated. Props @MARQAS and @JakePT.
  • Facet block wrongly available in the post editor. Props @oscarssanchez.
  • Show Facet widgets on taxonomy archives. Props @burhandodhy and @felipeelia.
  • Meta queries with ‘exists’ as compare operator and empty meta values handling. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Sync interruption message always mentioning ElasticPress.io. Props @burhandodhy and @JakePT.
  • An issue where the Related Posts block would display the wrong posts in the preview when added inside a Query Loop block. Props @JakePT.
  • E2e tests for the Facets feature. Props @felipeelia.
  • Intermittent error on GitHub Actions using the latest node 16 version. Props @felipeelia.

4.2.0 – 2022-05-26

ElasticPress 4.2.0 fixes some bugs and introduces some new and exciting changes.

The sync functionality had its JavaScript refactored. Timeouts, memory limits, and general errors are now properly handled and do not make the sync get stuck when performed via the WP-CLI index command. There is also a new get-last-sync WP-CLI command to check the errors and numbers from the last sync.

We’ve improved the admin search experience for sites using both WooCommerce and Protected Content. Previously, WooCommerce was processing that screen with two different queries, and EP was used only in one of them. Now, it will be only one query, fully handled by ElasticPress. Users wanting to keep the previous behavior can do so by adding add_filter( 'ep_woocommerce_integrate_admin_products_list', '__return_false' ); to their website’s codebase.

Facets are now available through a WordPress block. If you are using the Full Site Editing feature, you can now add ElasticPress Facets to your theme with just a few clicks! This block has been introduced with a simplified user interface to enable compatibility with Full Site Editing and will continue to be iterated and improved in future versions of the plugin.



  • Facets widgets rendered by a separate class. Props @felipeelia.
  • Deprecated ElasticPress\Feature\Facets\Widget::get_facet_term_html() in favor of ElasticPress\Feature\Facets\Renderer::get_facet_term_html(). Props @felipeelia.
  • Log errors and remove indexing status on failed syncs. Props @felipeelia.
  • Refactored Sync page JavaScript. Props @JakePT.
  • Updated admin scripts to use WordPress’s version of React. Props @JakePT.
  • WooCommerce products list in the Dashboard now properly leverages ElasticPress. Props @felipeelia.
  • Removed Instant Results’ dependency on @wordpress/components and @wordpress/date. Props @JakePT and @felipeelia.
  • (Protected Content) Password-protected posts are only hidden on searches. Props @felipeelia, @JakePT, and @burhandodhy.
  • The plugin is now available via Composer without any additional steps required. Props @felipeelia, @jeffpaul, and @johnbillion.


  • WP-CLI parameters documentation. Props @felipeelia.
  • Full indices removal after e2e tests. Props @felipeelia and @dustinrue.
  • Usage of the $return parameter in Feature\RelatedPosts::find_related(). Props @felipeelia and @altendorfme.
  • Link to API Functions under the Related Posts feature -> Learn more. Props @felipeelia and @burhandodhy.
  • Sync of WooCommerce Orders fields when WooCommerce and Protected Content features are enabled. Props @felipeelia and @ecaron.
  • An issue where selecting no features during install would just cause the install page to reload without any feedback. Props @JakePT and @tlovett1.
  • An issue where deselecting a feature during install would not stop that feature from being activated. Props @JakePT.
  • Add the missing text domain for the Related Posts block. Props @burhandodhy.
  • Console error when hitting enter on search inputs with autosuggest. Props @burhandodhy, @felipeelia, and @MarijnvSprundel.
  • An issue where attribute selectors could not be used for the Autosuggest Selector. Props @JakePT and @oscarssanchez.
  • “Time elapsed” and “Total time elapsed” in WP-CLI index command. Props @felipeelia and @archon810.
  • Sync process with skipped objects. Props @juliecampbell and @felipeelia.
  • Typo in the sync page. Props @JakePT and @davidegreenwald.
  • WP-CLI index command without the --network-wide only syncs the main site. Props @felipeelia and @colegeissinger.
  • WP-CLI commands get-mapping, get-indexes, status, and stats only uses all sites’ indices name when network activated. Props @felipeelia and @colegeissinger.
  • A bug where URL search parameters could be cleared when using Instant Results. Props @JakePT and @yashumitsu.
  • Undefined index notice in Facets renderer. Props @felipeelia and @burhandodhy.
  • Prevent an unnecessary call when the ES server is not set yet. Props @felipeelia and @burhandodhy.
  • An incompatibility with the way WP 6.0 handles WP_User_Query using fields. Props @felipeelia.


  • Bumped moment from 2.29.1 to 2.29.2. Props @dependabot.
  • Bumped @wordpress/env from 4.4.0 to 4.5.0. Props @felipeelia.

4.1.0 – 2022-04-05


  • Utility command to create zip packages: npm run build:zip. Props @felipeelia.
  • E2e tests for the Synonyms feature. Props @felipeelia.
  • generate_mapping() to post and comment indexables. Props @rebeccahum.
  • get_related_query() to the RelatedPosts class. Props @ayebare.
  • New --pretty flag to the WP-CLI commands that output a JSON. Props @felipeelia and @oscarssanchez.
  • Support for an array of aggregations in the aggs parameter of WP_Query. Props @felipeelia and @oscarssanchez.


  • Refactored remaining admin scripts to remove jQuery as a dependency. Props @JakePT.
  • Generate Instant Results’ search template as an anonymous user by default. Props @JakePT.


  • PHP warning Trying to access array offset on value of type int in get_index_names(). Props @sun.
  • Searches by WooCommerce Order ID. Props @felipeelia.
  • Display and error message if syncing failed due to invalid JSON response from the server. Props @dsawardekar.
  • Better compatibility with PHP 8.1 by replacing the deprecated FILTER_SANITIZE_STRING. Props @sjinks.
  • get_term_tree() no longer infinite loops when parent ID is non-existent. Props @rebeccahum.
  • User search results include users who do not exist in the current site. Props @tfrommen and @felipeelia.
  • Pagination while syncing Indexables other than Posts. Props @felipeelia and @derringer.
  • Handle the output of an array of messages in sync processes. Props @felipeelia.
  • Truthy values for the 'enabled' field’s attribute while using the ep_weighting_configuration_for_search filter. Props @felipeelia and @moritzlang.
  • “Learn More” link on the Sync Page. Props @felipeelia, @JakePT, and @brandwaffle.
  • Icons alignment in the WP Dashboard. Props @jakemgold, @felipeelia, @brandwaffle, and @tlovett1.


  • Bumped node-forge from 1.2.1 to 1.3.0. Props @dependabot.
  • Bumped@wordpress/env from 4.2.2 to 4.4.0, and minimist from 1.2.5 to 1.2.6. Props @felipeelia.

4.0.1 – 2022-03-16

This is a security release affecting users running ElasticPress 4.0 with both the WooCommerce and Protected Content Features activated. Please update to the latest version of ElasticPress if the WooCommerce and Protected Content features are activated and you’re using ElasticPress 4.0.


4.0.0 – 2022-03-08

ElasticPress 4.0 contains some important changes. Make sure to read these highlights before upgrading:

  • This version requires a full reindex.
  • It introduces a new search algorithm that may change the search results displayed on your site.
  • A new feature called “Instant Results” is available. As it requires a full reindex, if you plan to use it, we recommend you enable it first and reindex only once.
  • Users upgrading from Beta 1 need to re-save the Instant Results feature settings.
  • New minimum versions are:





Note that ElasticPress 4.0.0 release removes built assets from the develop branch, replaced master with trunk, added a ZIP with the plugin and its built assets in the GitHub Releases page, and included a build script should you want to build assets from a branch. As such, please plan to update any references you have from master to trunk or to GitHub Releases depending on whether you require built assets or not. (See changes in #2622.)

The Facets widget is not currently available within Full Site Editing mode.




  • Built assets (minified JavaScript and CSS files) from the repository. Props @felipeelia and @jeffpaul.
  • Duplicate case 'description': from ElasticPress\Indexable\Term\Term::parse_orderby. Props @sjinks.


  • CSS issues on Features page. Props @JakePT.
  • AJAX URL on subsites. Props @Rahmon.
  • PHP Notice while monitoring a WP-CLI sync in the dashboard. Props @felipeelia and @ParhamG.
  • Sync page when WooCommerce’s “hide out of stock items” and Instant Results are both enabled. Props @felipeelia.
  • PHPUnit Tests and WordPress 5.9 compatibility. Props @felipeelia.
  • WooCommerce Orders Search when searching for an order ID. Props @felipeelia.
  • Code standards. Props @felipeelia.
  • Posts insertion and deletion in the same thread. Props @felipeelia and @tcrsavage.
  • Invalid values in tax_query terms resulting in a query failure. Props @rinatkhaziev and @felipeelia.
  • New Sync Page to display a message when an indexing is stopped by the WP-CLI stop-indexing command. Props @Rahmon, @felipeelia, and @brandwaffle.
  • Nested queries are no longer deleted. Props @oscarssanchez and @christianc1.
  • Type hints for epwr_decay and epwr_weight hooks. Props @edwinsiebel.
  • Errors count in the new Sync page. Props @felipeelia.
  • Multisite could index posts from a disabled indexing site. Props @oscarssanchez, @chrisvanpatten, @felipeelia.
  • New sync code and the upper-limit-object-id and lower-limit-object-id parameters in WP-CLI command. Props @felipeelia.
  • Sync link on index health page. Props @JakePT.
  • Logic checking if it is a full sync and if search should go or not through ElasticPress. Props @felipeelia and @JakePT.


  • Use most recent external GitHub Actions versions. Props @felipeelia and @qazaqstan2025.
  • Updated 10up-toolkit from 1.0.13 to 3.0.1, jsdoc from 3.6.7 to 3.6.9, terser-webpack-plugin from 5.2.4 to 5.3.0, @wordpress/env from 4.1.1 to 4.2.2, and promise-polyfill from 8.2.0 to 8.2.1. Props @felipeelia.
  • Bumped follow-redirects from 1.14.7 to 1.14.9. Props @dependabot.

3.6.6 – 2021-12-20

ElasticPress 4.0 Beta 1 is now available for non-production testing.

Note that the upcoming ElasticPress 4.0.0 release will remove built assets from the develop branch, will replace master with trunk, will add a zip with the plugin and its built assets in the GitHub release page, and will include a build script should you want to build assets from a branch. As such, please plan to update any references you have from master to trunk or to GitHub releases depending on whether you require built assets or not.

Supported versions changes planned for ElasticPress 4.0.0:

  • Elasticsearch: from 5.0 – 7.9 to 5.2 – 7.10.
  • WordPress: from 3.7.1+ to 5.6+.
  • PHP: from 5.6+ to 7.0+.




3.6.5 – 2021-11-30

Note that the upcoming ElasticPress 4.0.0 release will remove built assets from the develop branch, will replace master with trunk, will add a zip with the plugin and its built assets in the GitHub release page, and will include a build script should you want to build assets from a branch. As such, please plan to update any references you have from master to trunk or to GitHub releases depending on whether you require built assets or not.

Supported versions changes planned for ElasticPress 4.0.0:

  • Elasticsearch: from 5.0 – 7.9 to 5.2 – 7.10.
  • WordPress: from 3.7.1+ to 5.6+.
  • PHP: from 5.6+ to 7.0+.



  • Add $type parameter to ep_do_intercept_request filter. Props @rebeccahum and @felipeelia.
  • Cache the detected Posts mapping version, avoiding get_mapping calls in all admin requests. Props @felipeelia.
  • Docs: Required ES and WP versions planned for ElasticPress 4.0.0. Props @felipeelia.
  • The admin.min.js file was split in notice.min.js and weighting.min.js, being loaded accordingly. Props @felipeelia and @barryceelen.


  • Force fetching ep_wpcli_sync_interrupted transient from remote to allow for more reliable remote interruption. Props @rinatkhaziev and @rebeccahum.
  • Duplicate orderby statement in Users query. Props @brettshumaker, @pschoffer, and @rebeccahum.
  • When using offset and default maximum result window value for size, subtract offset from size. Props @rebeccahum.
  • Order for Custom Search Results in autosuggest. Props @felipeelia and @johnwatkins0.
  • WP-CLI stats and status to output all indices related to ElasticPress. Props @felipeelia.
  • Tests: Ensure that Posts related queries use ElasticPress. Props @Rahmon.
  • Tests: PHPUnit and yoast/phpunit-polyfills. Props @felipeelia.


  • Bumped path-parse from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7. Props @dependabot.
  • Bumped 10up-toolkit from 1.0.12 to 1.0.13. Props @felipeelia.

3.6.4 – 2021-10-26

Note that the upcoming ElasticPress 4.0.0 release will remove built assets from the develop branch, will replace master with trunk, ~~will build a stable release version including built assets into a stable branch,~~ will add a zip with the plugin and its built assets in the GitHub release page, and will include a build script should you want to build assets from a branch. As such, please plan to update any references you have from master to ~~either stable or~~ trunk or to GitHub releases depending on whether you require built assets or not.

Supported versions changes planned for ElasticPress 4.0.0:

  • Elasticsearch: from 5.0 – 7.9 to 5.2 – 7.10.
  • WordPress: from 3.7.1+ to 5.6+.
  • PHP: from 5.6+ to 7.0+.




  • Elapsed time beyond 1000 seconds in WP-CLI index command. Props @felipeelia and @dustinrue.
  • Layout of Index Health totals on small displays. Props @JakePT and @oscarssanchez.
  • Deprecated URL for multiple documents get from ElasticSearch. Props @pschoffer.
  • Add new lines and edit terms in the Advanced Synonym Editor. Props @JakePT and @johnwatkins0.
  • Terms: Avoid falling back to MySQL when results are empty. Props @felipeelia.
  • Terms: Usage of several parameters for searching and ordering. Props @felipeelia and @Rahmon.
  • Attachment indexing on Elasticsearch 7. Props @Rahmon.
  • Tests: Ensure that Documents related queries use ElasticPress. Props @Rahmon.
  • Tests: Ensure that WooCommerce related queries use ElasticPress. Props @Rahmon and @felipeelia.
  • Tests: Ensure that Comments related queries use ElasticPress. Props @Rahmon and @felipeelia.
  • Tests: Ensure that Multisite related queries use ElasticPress. Props @Rahmon and @felipeelia.
  • Tests: Ensure that Terms related queries use ElasticPress. Props @felipeelia.

3.6.3 – 2021-09-29

Note that the upcoming ElasticPress 3.7.0 release will remove built assets from the develop branch, will replace master with trunk, will build a stable release version including built assets into a stable branch, and will include a build script should you want to build assets from a branch. As such, please plan to update any references you have from master to either stable or trunk depending on whether you require built assets or not.

Official PHP support is currently 5.6+. Minimum PHP version for ElasticPress 3.7.0 will be 7.0+.


  • New ep_facet_widget_term_html and ep_facet_widget_term_label filters to the Facet widget for filtering the HTML and label of individual facet terms. Props @JakePT, @Rahmon, and @felipeelia.
  • New ep_set_sort filter for changing the sort clause of the ES query if orderby is not set in WP_Query. Props @rebeccahum and @felipeelia.
  • WP-CLI documentation for some commands and parameters. Props @felipeelia.


  • In addition to post titles, now autosuggest also partially matches taxonomy terms. Props @felipeelia and @Rahmon.
  • Date parsing change to avoid E_WARNINGs. Props @pschoffer.


  • Comments created by anonymous users (but approved by default) are now indexed. Props @tomjn and @Rahmon.
  • Deleted terms are now properly removed from the Elasticsearch index. Props @felipeelia.
  • Children of deleted terms are now properly removed from the Elasticsearch index. Props @pschoffer.
  • Post tag duplicated in the Elasticsearch query. Props @oscarssanchez, @Rahmon, and @felipeelia.
  • Infinite loading state of ElasticPress Related Posts block in the Widgets Edit Screen. Props @felipeelia.
  • Return of Search::integrate_search_queries() when is_integrated_request. Props @adiloztaser.
  • Mapping determination based on existing info. Props @felipeelia.
  • WP_Term_Query and parent = 0. Props @felipeelia and @juansanchezfernandes.
  • WP Acceptance Tests. Props @felipeelia.
  • Typos in the output of some WP-CLI Commands. Props @rebeccahum.


  • Bumped 10up-toolkit from 1.0.11 to 1.0.12, terser-webpack-plugin from 5.1.4 to 5.2.4, @wordpress/api-fetch from 3.21.5 to 3.23.1, and @wordpress/i18n from 3.18.0 to 3.20.0. Props @felipeelia.

3.6.2 – 2021-08-26

Note that the upcoming ElasticPress 3.7.0 release will remove built assets from the develop branch, will replace master with trunk, will build a stable release version including built assets into a stable branch, and will include a build script should you want to build assets from a branch. As such, please plan to update any references you have from master to either stable or trunk depending on whether you require built assets or not.

This version bumps official PHP support from 5.3+ to 5.6+. Minimum PHP version for ElasticPress 3.7.0 will be 7.0+.




  • Remove duplicate category_name, cat and tag_id from ES query when tax_query set. Props @rebeccahum and @oscarssanchez.
  • Remove unused path from dynamic_templates. Props @pschoffer.



  • Bumps path-parse from 1.0.6 to 1.0.7. Props @dependabot.

3.6.1 – 2021-07-15

Note that the upcoming ElasticPress 3.7.0 release will remove built assets from the develop branch, will replace master with trunk, will build a stable release version including built assets into a stable branch, and will include a build script should you want to build assets from a branch. As such, please plan to update any references you have from master to either stable or trunk depending on whether you require built assets or not.

This version requires a full reindex. The new facet field introduced in 3.6.0 requires a change in the mapping, otherwise, all content sync related to posts will silently fail. If you’ve upgraded to 3.6.0 and didn’t resync your content yet (via Dashboard or with WP-CLI wp elasticpress index --setup) make sure to do so.


  • Filter ep_remote_request_add_ep_user_agent. Passing true to that, the ElasticPress version will be added to the User-Agent header in the request. Props @felipeelia.
  • Flagged 3.6.0 as version that needs a full reindex. Props @adiloztaser and @felipeelia.



  • Encode the Search Term header before sending it to ElasticPress.io. Props @felipeelia.

3.6.0 – 2021-07-07

Note that the upcoming ElasticPress 3.7.0 release will remove built assets from the develop branch, will replace master with trunk, will build a stable release version including built assets into a stable branch, and will include a build script should you want to build assets from a branch. As such, please plan to update any references you have from master to either stable or trunk depending on whether you require built assets or not.

This version requires a full reindex.

Breaking Changes:

  • Autosuggest will now respect the [name="post_type"] input in the same form. Before it would bring all post types. Props @mustafauysal and @JakePT.
  • Facets Widget presentation, replacing the <input type="checkbox"> elements in option links with a custom .ep-checkbox presentational div. Props @MediaMaquina, @amesplant, @JakePT, and @oscarssanchez.
  • Confirmation for destructive WP-CLI commands. Props @nickdaugherty and @Rahmon.



  • Facets Widget presentation, replacing the <input type="checkbox"> elements in option links with a custom .ep-checkbox presentational div. Props @MediaMaquina, @amesplant, @JakePT, and @oscarssanchez.
  • Autosuggest: JavaScript is not loaded anymore when ElasticPress is indexing. Props @fagiani and @felipeelia.
  • Indexable\Post\Post::prepare_date_terms() to only call date_i18n() once. Props @WPprodigy and @Rahmon.



  • GitHub issue templates. Props @jeffpaul.
  • Facets: error in filters where terms wouldn’t match if the user types a space. Props @felipeelia.
  • Facets: pagination parameters in links are now removed when clicking on filters. Props @shmaltz, @oscarssanchez, and @Rahmon.
  • Output of WP-CLI index errors. Props @notjustcode-sp and @felipeelia.
  • index_name is transformed in lowercase before the index creation in Elasticsearch. Props @teoteo and @felipeelia.
  • Validate that a meta_value is a recognizable date value before storing. Props @jschultze, @moraleida and @Rahmon.
  • Array with a MIME type without the subtype in post_mime_type argument. Props @ethanclevenger91 and @Rahmon.
  • Sort for WP_User_Query. Props @Rahmon.
  • WP Acceptance Tests. Props @felipeelia.
  • Styling issue of Autosuggest and search block (WP 5.8). Props @dinhtungdu.
  • Undefined variable: closed notice in Elasticsearch::update_index_settings(). Props @nickdaugherty and @pschoffer.
  • Documentation for WP-CLI *-feature commands. Props @felipeelia.
  • Custom Results: a current_user_can() call now receives the post ID instead of the whole object. Props @Sysix.
  • Autosuggest: adjust debounce to avoid sending unnecessary requests to the server. Props @Rahmon.


  • Updated browserslist and jsdoc versions. Props @felipeelia.
  • Updated lodash, hosted-git-info, ssri, rmccue/requests, and y18n versions. Props @dependabot.

3.5.6 – 2021-03-18

This release fixes some bugs and also adds some new actions and filters.

Security Fix:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed document indexing when running index command with nobulk option. Props @Rahmon
  • Added an extra check in the iteration over the aggregations. Props @felipeelia
  • Fixed no mapping found for [name.sortable] for Elasticsearch version 5. Props @Rahmon
  • Fixed uninstall process to remove all options and transients. Props @Rahmon


  • Added missing inline JS documentation. Props @JakePT
  • Added the filter ep_autosuggest_http_headers. Props @Rahmon
  • Added terms indexes to the status and stats WP-CLI commands. Props @felipeelia
  • The Protected Content feature isn’t auto-activated when using ElasticPress.io anymore. Props @felipeelia
  • Added the new filter ep_highlight_should_add_clause to let developers decide where the highlight clause should be added to the ES query. Props @felipeelia
  • Added the new filter epwr_weight and changed the default way scores are applied based on post date. Props @Rahmon

3.5.5 – 2021-02-25

This release fixes some bugs and also adds some new actions and filters.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix a problem in autosuggest when highlighting is not active. Props @felipeelia and @Rahmon
  • Fix a wrong phrase in the Indexables documentation. Props @jpowersdev
  • Fix Facet Term Search for more than one Widget. Props @goaround
  • Fix a Warning that was triggered while using PHP 8. Props @Rahmon


  • Add an is-loading class to the search form while autosuggestions are loading. Props @JakePT
  • Add the new set-algorithm-version and get-algorithm-version WP-CLI commands. Props @felipeelia
  • Add a new ep_query_weighting_fields filter. Props @felipeelia and @tott
  • Add two parameters to the ep_formatted_args_query filter. Props @felipeelia and @tott
  • Add the new set-algorithm-version and get-algorithm-version WP-CLI commands. Props @felipeelia
  • Create a new section in documentation called Theme Integration. Props @JakePT
  • Improvements to contributing documentation and tests. Props @jeffpaul and @felipeelia
  • Add the following new actions: ep_wp_cli_after_index, ep_after_dashboard_index, ep_cli_before_set_search_algorithm_version, ep_cli_after_set_search_algorithm_version, ep_after_update_feature, ep_cli_before_clear_index, and ep_cli_after_clear_index. Props @felipeelia and @Rahmon

3.5.4 – 2021-02-11

This is primarily a security and bug fix release. PLEASE NOTE that versions 3.5.2 and 3.5.3 contain a vulnerability that allows a userto bypass the nonce check associated with re-sending the unaltered default search query to ElasticPress.io that is used for providing Autosuggest queries. If you are running version 3.5.2. or 3.5.3 please upgrade to 3.5.4 immediately.

Security Fix:

  • Fixed a nonce check associated with updating the default Autosuggest search query in ElasticPress.io. Props @felipeelia

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix broken click on highlighted element in Autosuggest results. Props @felipeelia
  • Properly cast from parameter in $formatted_args to an integer to prevent errors if empty. Props @CyberCyclone


  • Add an ep_is_facetable filter to enable custom control over where to show or hide Facets. Props [@moraleida]
  • Improvements to contributing documentation and tests. Props @jeffpaul and @felipeelia

3.5.3 – 2021-01-28

This is a bug fix release.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where the ep-synonym post type is updated to a regular post, which can cause it to be accidentally deleted. Props @Rahmon
  • Fixed CSS formatting issues in the Settings and Features menus. Props @Rahmon

3.5.2 – 2021-01-18

This is a bug fix release.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a typo in elasticpress.pot. Props @alexwoollam
  • Don’t use timestamps that cause 5 digit years. Props @brandon-m-skinner
  • Fix admin notice on the Synonyms page. Props @Rahmon
  • Properly update slider numbers while sliding. Props @Rahmon
  • Properly handle error from get_terms(). Props @ciprianimike
  • Fix incorrect titles page. Props @Rahmon
  • Fix linting tests. Props @felipeelia
  • Fix issue with price filter unsetting previous query. Props @oscarssanchez


  • Added actions that fire after bulk indexing (ep_after_bulk_index), in event of an invalid Elasticsearch response (ep_invalid_response), and before object deletion (ep_delete_{indexable slug}); added filters ep_skip_post_meta_sync, pre_ep_index_sync_queue, ep_facet_taxonomies_size, epwr_decay_function, and epwr_score_mode. Props @brandon-m-skinner
  • Added ep_filesystem_args filter. Props @pjohanneson
  • Add SKU field to Weighting Engine if WooCommerce is active and fix issue with overriding search_fields. Props @felipeelia
  • Support author__in and author__not_in queries. Props @dinhtungdu
  • Update multiple unit tests. Props @petenelson
  • Show CLI indexing status in EP dashboard. Props @Rahmon
  • Add ep_query_send_ep_search_term_header filter and don’t send EP-Search-Term header if not using ElasticPress.io. Props @felipeelia

3.5.1 – 2020-10-29

A bug fix release.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixes highlighting so that full content is returned instead of only snippets.
  • Fix empty synonym bug.
  • Only highlight post content, excerpt, and title.


  • Track CLI index in a headless fashion

3.5.0 – 2020-10-20

Version 3.5 is a very exciting release as it contains two major new features: a synonym dashboard and search term result highlighting. The synonym dashboard empowerers users to create synonym lists for searches. For example. searching “New York City” would return contain with “NYC”. Search term highlighting will underline and add a CSS class to keywords within content that matches the current search.

The new version also includes a revamp of the search algorithm. This is a backwards compatibility break. If you’d like to revert to the old search algorithm, you can use the following code: add_filter( 'ep_search_algorithm_version', function() { return '3.4'; } );. The new algorithm offers much more relevant search results and removes fuzziness which results in mostly unwanted results for most people. If you are hooking in and modifying the search query directly, it’s possible this code might break and you might need to tweak it.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix default autosuggest selector.
  • Fix facet feature $_GET parameter naming collision.
  • Autosuggest a11y fixes. Props amesplant.
  • Check $feature type before calling Feature methods. Props pdewouters.
  • Ensure trashed post is removed from Elasticsearch. Props edwinsiebel.
  • Add default permission callback to REST routes. Props dkotter.
  • Hide links to weighting and synonym dashboard if network activated. Props felipeelia.
  • Only sync post on allow listed post meta. Props felipeelia.
  • Check if site is indexable before syncing in network activated mode.
  • Fix facet widget and 3-level deep hierarchical taxonomy. Props dinhtungdu.
  • Make sure AJAX sync is disabled if EP_DASHBOARD is set to false.. Props turtlepod.


  • Synonym dashboard. Props christianc1.
  • Search term highlighting. Props oscarsanchez.
  • Search algorithm improvements.
  • Improved WP Acceptance tests. Props asharirfan.
  • Rename ElasticPress submenu to “Features”. Props helen.
  • Add functionality for skipping ElasticPress install.
  • Increase max supported Elasticsearch version to 7.9.
  • Add filter to prepared user meta data. Props g-kanoufi.
  • Improve Terms Feature terminology to remove confusion.
  • Add filter to facet terms query arguments. Props felipeelia.

3.4.3 – 2020-07-21


  • Remove jQuery from front end JavaScript dependencies.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fix accessibility bug on autosuggest.
  • Fix broken facet search.

3.4.2 – 2020-06-17

Bug fixes:

  • uninstall.php: Change the EP_FILE const to its value. Props felipeelia.
  • Fix list features WP CLI command. Props felipeelia.
  • Add rel="nofollow" to facet links. Props mlaroy.
  • Facets widget: Move


div> outside ob_start(). Props kallehauge.
* Load facet scripts and styles only when they are really necessary. Props goaround.
* Index attachments with Protected Content and query for them in media search. Props oscarsanchez.
* Fixed Deprecated field [include] used, expected [includes] instead.. Props dinhtungdu.


  • Add filter for enabling sticky posts. Props shadyvb.
  • Add sync kill filter. Props barryceelen.
  • Add timeout filters for bulk_index and index_document. Props @oscarsanchez.

3.4.1 – 2020-3-31

  • Make weighting dashboard flex containers to prevent the slider from changing size. Props @mlaroy.
  • Fix issue where weightings wouldn’t save properly for certain post types. Props mustafauysal.
  • Fix bug where terms wouldn’t finish syncing in certain scenarios.
  • Properly order WooCommerce products using double to account for decimals. Props @oscarsanchez.
  • Show current indices in index health dashboard. Props moraleida.

3.4.0 – 2020-03-03

  • Addition of Terms Indexable and Feature. ElasticPress can now integrate with WP_Term_Query. Props dkotter.
  • Fixes for WP_User_Query ‘fields’ parameter. Props petenelson.
  • Support all taxonomies in root of WP_Query
  • Readd ep_retrieve_aggregations hook for backwards compatibility
  • Move indexable posts class registration into a function that runs in the plugins_loaded action. Props petenelson.
  • Fix author name in weighting and use post_author.display_name for weighted author field search. Props petenelson.
  • Add ep_prepared_*_meta filters
  • Refactor CLI indexing code for simplicity.
  • Limit indexed Protected Content post types removing revision, oembed_cache, custom_css, user_request, customize_changeset, and wp_block.
  • Cast taxonomy slug to array in case it’s already an array in WP_Query.
  • Remove unnecessary usage of --network-wide CLI paramter.
  • Add name, nickname, and display name to fields used for user search.
  • Add clear-transient WP CLI command.
  • Don’t make product categories facetable when WooCommerce feature is not active. Props mustafauysal.

3.3.0 – 2018-12-18

  • Officially support Elasticsearch 7.5
  • Add optional Google Analytics Autosuggest tracking Event
  • Fix single node warning before sync has occurred.
  • When ep_integrate is set to false, do not apply faceting.
  • Fix search ordering error when there are no pointers.
  • Add filter ep_get_hits_from_query to modify retrieved Elasticsearch hits.
  • Make sure post_type array does not include keys. Fixes a bbPress issue.
  • Pass query object to EP response so we can check for main query. This fixes a faceting bug.
  • Add EP-Search-Term header to autosuggest requests to EP.io
  • Clean up indexing transient on sigkill

3.2.6 – 2019-11-27

This is a bugfix release

  • Under some edge conditions content for autosuggest can be large – don’t cache it

3.2.5 – 2019-11-20

This is a bug fix version.

  • Fix WP <5.0 fatal error on register_block_type.

3.2.4 – 2019-11-19

This is a bug fix version.

  • Fix Gutenberg block initialization
  • Fix Autosuggest: remove filter with proper priority in query generation. Props Maxdw.
  • Fix Autosuggest: returning WP_Error for non object cache autosuggest queries causes issue. Fallback to transient

3.2.3 – 2019-11-13

This is a bug fix version.

  • Ensure query building for Autosuggest does not fallback to WPDB.

3.2.2 – 2019-11-05

This is a bug fix version with some feature additions.

  • Fix PHPCS errors. Props mmcachran
  • Fix ensuring stats are built prior to requesting information
  • Fix related post block enqueue block assets on the frontend
  • Fix custom order results change webpack config for externals:lodash
  • Fix don’t overwrite search fields
  • Autosuggest queries generated though PHP instead of JavaScript
  • Add WP Acceptance tests
  • Add new WP-CLI commands: get_indexes and get_cluster_indexes

3.2.1 – 2019-10-14

This is a bug fix version.

  • Fix Gutenberg breaking issue with Related Posts and image blocks. Props adamsilverstein

3.2.0 – 2019-10-08

ElasticPress 3.2 is a feature release. We’ve added quite a few useful features including an index health page, the ability to control which sites are indexed in a network activated multisite setup, a related posts Gutenberg block, and more.

  • Improve block asset enqueueing: hook on enqueue_block_editor_assets. Props adamsilverstein.
  • Handle empty search weighting fields bug.
  • Integrate WooCommerce default filter by price widget with ES range query.
  • Improve messaging for custom result post type.
  • Index health page.
  • Add tag_in and tag__and support.
  • Related posts Gutenberg block.
  • Facet widget ordering option. Props psorensen.
  • Control Index-ability of individual sites in multisite.
  • Integrate WooCommerce default filter by price widget with ES range query.

See https://github.com/10up/ElasticPress/pulls?utf8=%E2%9C%93&q=is%3Apr+milestone%3A3.2.0+is%3Aclosed+

3.1.4 – 2019-08-28

Version 3.1.4 is a bug fix release.

See fixes: https://github.com/10up/ElasticPress/pulls?q=is%3Apr+milestone%3A3.1.4+is%3Aclosed

3.1.3 – 2019-08-22

This is a bug fix release.

  • Check wpcli transient before integrating with queries
  • Fix version comparison bug when comparing Elasticsearch versions
  • Use proper taxonomy name for WooCommerce attributes.
  • Increase Elasticsearch minimum supported version to 5.0
  • Fix product attribute archives

3.1.2 – 2019-08-16

This is a bug fix release with some filter additions.

  • Add ep_es_query_results filter.
  • Add option to sync prior to shutdown.
  • Readme update around WPCLI post syncing. Props @mmcachran
  • Ignore sticky posts in find_related. Props @columbian-chris
  • Weighting dashboard fixes around saving. @oscarsanchez
  • Weighting UI improvements. Props @mlaroy

3.1.1 – 2019-07-25

  • Ensure taxonomies that are shared among multiple post types show up on the weighting screen

3.1.0 – 2019-07-22

  • Support for nested tax queries. Props @dkotter
  • ep_bulk_index_action_args filter. Props @fabianmarz
  • Add filters to control MLT related posts params.
  • ep_allow_post_content_filtered_index filter to bypass filtered post content on indexing.
  • Weighting dashboard to control weights of specific fields on a per post type basis
  • Search ordering feature. Enables custom results for specific search queries.
  • Refactor admin notice, admin screen “resolver”, and install path logic
  • WordPress.org profile
  • New EP settings interface. Props @dkoo
  • Delete pagination from facet URL.
  • allows WooCommerce product attributes to be facetable in 3.0
  • Autosuggest queries now match the search queries performed by WordPress, including weighting and any custom results
  • Fix data escaping in WP 4.8.x
  • Support order by “type”/”post_type” in EP queries
  • Properly redirect after network sync
  • User mapping for pre 5.0 Props @mustafauysal
  • Avoid multiple reflows in autosuggest. Props @fabianmarz
  • 400 error when popularity is default sorting.
  • Fixed Facet widget not rendering WC product attribute options. Props @fabianmarz
  • Delete wpcli sync option/transient when an error occurs
  • Create index/network alias when adding a new site on a network activated installation. Props @elliott-stocks
  • Fix WooCommerce order search when WooCommerce module activated but protected content turned off.

3.0.3 – 2019-06-04

  • Pass $post_id twice in ep_post_sync_kill for backwards compatibility. Props aaemnnosttv
  • Add ep_search_request_path filter for backwards compant.
  • Add ep_query_request_path filter for modifying the query path.
  • Fix missing action name in post query integration.
  • Properly add date filter to WP_Query.

3.0.2 – 2019-05-23

3.0.2 is a minor bug release version. Here is a list of fixes:

  • Fix date query errors
  • Readd ep_retrieve_the_{type} filter. Props gassan
  • Fix empty autosuggest selector notice

3.0.1 – 2019-05-20

3.0.1 is a minor bug release version. Here is a list of fixes:

  • wp elasticpress stats and wp elasticpress status commands fatal error fixed.
  • Add autosuggest selector field default to fix notice.
  • Re-add ep_find_related as deprecated function.
  • Changed max int to use core predefined constant. Props @fabianmarz
  • Properly support legacy feature registration callbacks per #1329.
  • Properly disable settings as needed on dashboard.
  • Don’t force document search on REST requests.

3.0 – 2019-05-13

NOTICE: Requires re-index.

3.0 is a refactor of ElasticPress for modern coding standards (PHP 5.4 required) as well as the introduction to indexables. Indexables abstracts out content types so data types other than post can be indexed and searched. 3.0 includes user indexing and search (integration with WP_User_Query). User features require at least WordPress version 5.1.

The refactor changes a lot of ElasticPress internals. The biggest change is the feature registration API has completely changed. Now, new features should extend the ElasticPress\Feature class rather than calling ep_register_feature. Older features should be backwards compatible.

Other Features:
* Elasticsearch language setting in admin

Here are a list of filters/actions removed or changed:

Actions Removed:

  • ep_feature_setup

Filters changed:

  • ep_post_sync_kill – Removed $post_args argument.

Other changes:

  • posts-per-page changed to per-page for WP-CLI index command.

2.8.2 – 2019-03-26

  • Enhancement: WooCommerce product attributes as facets.
  • Enhancement: Performance Boost for document indexing.
  • Bugfix for issue on WP REST API searches.
  • Bugfix for case-sensitivity issue with facet search.

2.8.1 – 2019-02-13

  • Bugfix for homepage out of chronological order.
  • Bugfix for missing meta key. (Props turtlepod)
  • Bugfix for bulk indexing default value on settings page.

2.8.0 – 2019-02-08

ElasticPress 2.8 provides some new enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Sticky posts support.
  • Meta LIKE query adjustment.
  • Autosuggest bugfix.
  • Autosuggest to abide by plugin settings.
  • WooCommerce searches with custom fields.
  • Adjustment to wp elasticpress status
  • Add Elasticsearch version in settings. (Props turtlepod)
  • Allow user to set number of posts during bulk indexing cycle.
  • Facet query string customization (Props ray-lee)
  • Removal of logic that determines if blog is public / indexable. (Resolves sync issue.)
  • Fix for auto activating sync notices. (Props petenelson)
  • Removal of date weighting for protected content admin queries.
  • Protected content: filtering of filtered post types.
  • Implemented –post-ids CLI option to index only specific posts. (Props dotancohen)

2.7.0 – 2018-12-06

NOTICE: Requires re-index

ElasticPress 2.7 provides some new enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Prevent indexing when blog is deleted or not public.
  • Do not apply absint to comment_status.
  • ElasticPress.io credentials bugfix.
  • Related posts bugfix.
  • Random WooCommerce ordering allowed.
  • Query only post IDs when indexing. (Props elliott-stocks)
  • Better error notices. (Props petenelson)

2.6.1 – 2018-08-24

  • Resolves issue of missing file for wp-cli.

2.6.0 – 2018-08-22

ElasticPress 2.6 provides some new enhancements and bug fixes.

  • Ability to set autosuggest endpoint by a constant (EP_AUTOSUGGEST_ENDPOINT).
  • Enable WooCommerce products to be included in autosuggest results.
  • Support for tax_query operators EXISTS and NOT EXISTS.
  • Addition of new filter to change default orderby/sort (ep_set_default_sort).
  • Do not search for author_name when searching products in WooCommerce.

2.5.2 – 2018-05-09

NOTICE: Requires re-index.

This is a small bug fix release.

  • Removed unnecessary facet JavaScript
  • Fix facet aggregations warning

2.5.1 – 2018-05-02

NOTICE: Requires re-index.

This if a bug fix release. This version requires a re-index as we change the way data is being sent to Elasticsearch.

It’s also worth noting for ElasticPress version 2.5+, the Facets feature, which is on by default, will run post type archive and search page main queries through Elasticsearch. If Elasticsearch is out of sync with your content (possible in rare edge cases), this could result in incorrect content being shown. Turning off Facets would fix the problem.

Bug Fixes

  • Don’t pre-strip HTML before sending it to Elasticsearch.
  • Support PHP 5.2 backwards compat.
  • Don’t show faceting widget if post type doesn’t support taxonomy.

2.5 – 2018-04-23

ElasticPress 2.5 includes a new Facets feature that makes it easy to add high performance content filtering controls to a website.

A new Facets widget enables site administrators to add taxonomy facets to a sidebar (or any widgetized area). When viewing a content list on the front end of the website, the widget will display the name of the taxonomy – e.g. “Categories” – and a checklist with all of its terms. Visitors can narrow down content by selecting terms they are interested in. The Facets feature can be globally configured to narrow results to content that is tagged with any or all of the selected terms. The widget’s front end output contains carefully named CSS classes, so that designers and developers can apply unique styling.

Version 2.5 also includes a number of smaller enhancements and fixes, including official support for Elasticsearch 6.2, and increased functional parity with the WP_Query API.

Here is a detailed list of what’s been included in the release:


  • Facets feature
  • --post-ids CLI option to index only specific posts. Props dotancohen.
  • Filter for hiding host setting in dashboard. Props tomdxw.
  • Support WP_Query meta query not between comparator.


  • Disallow duplicated Elasticsearch requests on WooCommerce orders page. Props lukaspawlik
  • Fix taxonomy sync object warning. Props eugene-manuilov
  • true in is_empty_query terminates ep_query process when it shouldn’t. Props yaronuliel

2.4.2 – 2018-01-31

Version 2.4.2 is a bug fix version.

  • Fix related posts not showing up bug.

2.4.1 – 2018-01-30

Version 2.4.1 is a bug fix and maintenance release. Here are a listed of issues that have been resolved:

  • Support Elasticsearch 6.1 and properly send Content-Type header with application/json. Props eugene-manuilov.
  • Fix autosuggest event target issue bug. Props eugene-manuilov.
  • Fix widget init bug. Props eugene-manuilov.
  • Fix taxonomy sync parameter warning. Props eugene-manuilov.
  • Increase maximum Elasticsearch compatibility to 6.1

2.4 – 2017-11-01

Version 2.4 introduces the Autosuggest feature. When enabled, input fields of type “search” or with the CSS class “search-field” or “ep-autosuggest” will be enhanced with autosuggest functionality. As text is entered into the search field, suggested content will appear below it, based on top search results for the text. Suggestions link directly to the content.

We also added hooks and filters to ElasticPress that make query logging possible. The Debug Bar ElasticPress plugin now adds a Query Log screen to the ElasticPress admin menu. The Query Log is an extremely powerful tool for diagnosing search and indexing issues.

Here is a comphrensive list of changes:


  • Autosuggest feature
  • Hooks for query log functionality in Debug Bar ElasticPress
  • Support WP_Query fields parameter. Props kallehauge.
  • Add setting for enabling/disabling date weighting in search. Props lukaspawlik.
  • Remove extra post meta storage key from Elasticsearch
  • Add shipping class as indexed WooCommerce taxonomy. Props kallehauge.
  • Allow WooCommerce orders to be searched by items. Props kallehauge.
  • Support Elasticsearch 5.6
  • Add filter to granularly control admin notices. Props mattonomics.
  • Support ES 5.5+ strict content type checking. Props sc0ttclark

Bug Fixes

  • Fix author_name search field. Props ivankristianto.
  • Fix unavailable taxonomy issue in WooCommerce. Props ivankristianto.
  • Index all publicly queryable taxonomies. Props allan23.
  • Resolve case insensitive sorting issues. Props allan23.
  • Add escaping per VIP standards. Props jasonbahl.
  • Fix WooCommerce post type warnings.

= 2.3.1, 2.3.2 – 2017-06-30=
Version 2.3.1-2.3.2 is a bug fix release. Here are a listed of issues that have been resolved:

  • Cache ES plugins request. This is super important. Instead of checking the status of ES on every page load, do it every 5 minutes. If ES isn’t available, show admin notification that allows you to retry the host.
  • Fix broken upgrade sync notification.
  • Properly respect WC product visibility. Props ivankristianto. This requires a re-index if you are using the WooCommerce feature.

2.3 – 2017-05-26

Version 2.3 introduces the Documents feature which indexes text inside of popular file types, and adds those files types to search results. We’ve also officially added support for Elasticsearch 5.3.


  • Documents feature
  • Enable multiple feature status messages
  • Disable dashboard sync via constant: define( 'EP_DASHBOARD_SYNC', false );. Props rveitch.
  • Add filter for custom WooCommerce taxonomies. Props kallehauge.
  • Support WooCommerce product_type taxonomy. Props kallehauge.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix WP-CLI --no-bulk number of posts indexed message. Props ivankristianto.
  • Honor ep_integrate in WooCommerce queries. Props ivankristianto.
  • Properly check when ES results are empty. Props lukaspawlik
  • Incorrect found_posts set in query when ES is unavailable. Props lukaspawlik

2.2.1 – 2017-03-30

Version 2.2.1 is a bug fix release. Here are a listed of issues that have been resolved:

  • Fix dashboard syncing delayed start issues.
  • If plugins endpoint errors, try root endpoint to get the ES version.
  • Make sure orderby is correct for default WooCommerce sorting. Props ivankristianto.
  • Remove operator=>AND unneed execution code.
  • Stop dashboard sync if error occurs in the middle. Props ivankristianto.
  • Add EP_INDEX_PREFIX constant. If set, index names will be prefixed with the constant. Props allan23.
  • Increase total field limit to 5000 and add filter. Props ssorathia.
  • Prevent EP from auto-activating a feature that was force deactivated
  • Prevent massive field Elasticsearch error when indexing large strings
  • Increase max result window size to 1000000 and add filter.

2.2 – 2017-02-28

NOTICE: Requires re-index.

Version 2.2 rethinks the module process to make ElasticPress a more complete query engine solution. Modules are now auto-on and really just features. Why would anyone want to not use amazing functionality that improves speed and relevancy on their website? Features (previously modules) can of course be overridden and disabled. Features that don’t have their minimum requirements met, such as a missing plugin dependency, are auto-disabled.

We’ve bumped the minimum Elasticsearch version to 1.7 (although we strongly recommend 2+). The maximum tested version of Elasticsearch is version 5.2. If you are running Elasticsearch outside this version range, you will see a warning in the dashboard.


  • (Breaking change) Module registration API changed. See register_module in classes/class-ep-modules.php.
  • (Breaking change) Related posts are now in a widget instead of automatically being appending to content.
  • (Breaking change) Admin module renamed to Protected Content.
  • Admin warning if current Elasticsearch version is not between the min/max supported version. Version 2.2 supports versions 1.3 – 5.1.
  • Auto-reindex on versions requiring reindex.
  • User friendly admin notifications for ElasticPress not set up, first sync needed, and feature auto activation.
  • Protected Content feature applies to all features. This means if Protected Content isn’t active, search or WooCommerce integration won’t happen in the admin.
  • Add support for post_mime_type. Props Ritesh-patel

Bug Fixes

  • Back compat with old ep_search function.
  • Respect indexable post types in WooCommerce feature
  • New product drafts not showing in WooCommerce admin list
  • WooCommerce feature breaking image search in media library. Props Ritesh-patel
  • WooCommerce order search broken
  • Stop the insansity made private. Props sc0ttclark
  • Fix multidimensional meta querys. Props Ritesh-patel.
  • Properly show bulk index errors in WP-CLI
  • Update ep_delete_post, include $post_type argument. Props Ritesh-patel
  • Fix post_type product getting set in any WP_Query if tax_query is provided in WooCommerce feature. Props Ritesh-patel
  • Adds ‘number’ param to satisfy WP v4.6+ fixing get_sites call. Props rveitch
  • Order by proper relevancy in WooCommerce product search. Props ivankristianto
  • Fix recursion fatal error due to oembed discovery during syncing. Props ivankristianto

2.1.2 – 2016-11-11

NOTICE: Requires re-index.

  • Separate mapping for ES 5.0+
  • Fix some unit tests

2.1.1 – 2016-09-29

  • Fix PHP 5.3 errors
  • Properly show syncing button module placeholder during sync

2.1 – 2016-09-20

  • Redo UI
  • Make plugin modular
  • Remove unnecessary back up hosts code
  • Bundle existing modules into plugin
  • Support meta_key and meta_value
  • Order by meta_value_num
  • Properly support post_parent = 0. Props tuanmh
  • Add search scope file. Props rveitch
  • Support WP_Query post_status. Props sc0ttclark

Backward compat breaks:

  • Move ep_admin_wp_query_integration to search integration only. EP integration by default is available everywhere.
  • Remove keep alive setting
  • Remove setting to integrate with search (just activate the module instead)
  • Back up hosts code removed
  • Remove active/inactive state. Rather just check if an index is going on our not.

Bug fixes

  • Fix post__in support
  • Fix paged overwriting offset
  • Fix integer and comma separated string sites WP_Query processing. Props jaisgit.

2.0.1 – 2016-08-02

Bug fixes

  • Don’t load settings on front end. This fixes a critical bug causing ElasticPress to check the Elasticsearch connection on the front end.

2.0 – 2016-06-01

10up ships ElasticPress 2.0 with radical search algorithm improvements and a more comprehensive integration of WP_Query. ElasticPress is now even closer to supporting the complete WP_Query API. This version also improves upon post syncing ensuring that post meta updates are synced to Elasticsearch, adds a number of important hooks, and, of course, fixes some pesky bugs.


  • Radical search algorithm improvements for more relevant results (see #508 for details)
  • Support meta BETWEEN queries.
  • Improve GUI by disabling index status meta box text and improving instructions. Props ivanlopez
  • Support OR relation for tax queries.
  • Sync post to Elasticsearch when meta is added/updated.
  • Support all taxonomies as root WP_Query arguments. Props tuanmh
  • Add ID field to Elasticsearch mapping
  • Support post_parent WP_Query arguments. Props tuanmh
  • Add filter to disable printing of post index status. Props tuanmh
  • Add useful CLI hooks
  • Add a filter to bypass permission checking on sync (critical for front end updates)


  • Consider all remote request 20x responses as successful. Props tuanmh
  • Fix plugin localization. Props mustafauysal
  • Do query logging by default. Props lukaspawlik
  • Fix cannot redeclare class issue. Props tuanmh
  • Fix double querying Elasticsearch by ignoring category_name when tax_query is present.
  • Fix post deletion endpoint URL. Props lukaspawlik

A special thanks goes out to Tuan Minh Huynh and everyone else for contributions to version 2.0.

1.9.1 – 2016-05-23

Quick bug fix version to address the GUI not working properly when plugin is not network enabled within multisite. Props to Ivan Lopez

1.9 – 2016-05-17

ElasticPress 1.9 adds in an admin UI, where you can set your Elasticsearch Host and run your index command, without needing to us WP-CLI. Version 1.9 also adds in some performance improvements to reduce memory consumption during indexing. Full list of enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Add in an Admin GUI to handle indexing. Props ChrisWiegman.
  • Add option to not disable ElasticPress while indexing. Props lukaspawlik.
  • Allow filtering of which post types we want to search for. Props rossluebe.
  • Remove composer.lock from the repo. Props ChrisWiegman.
  • Ensure both PHPUnit and WP-CLI are available in the development environment. Props ChrisWiegman.
  • User lower-case for our composer name, so packagist can find us. Props johnpbloch.
  • Check query_vars, not query to determine status. Props ChrisWiegman.
  • Improve memory usage during indexing and fix unnecessary cache flushes. Props cmmarslender.
  • Further reduce memory usage during indexing. Props lukaspawlik.
  • Add post__in and post__not_in documentation. Props mgibbs189.
  • Add Elasticsearch Shield authentication headers if constant is set. Props rveitch.


  • Fix the –no-bulk indexing option. Props lukaspawlik.
  • Fixed an error that occurs if no Elasticsearch host is running. Props petenelson.
  • Fixed an exception error. Props dkotter.
  • Fixed the WP-CLI status command. Props dkotter.

1.8 – 2016-01-19

NOTICE: Mapping change, requires re-index.

ElasticPress 1.8 adds a bunch of mapping changes for accomplishing more complex WP_Query functions such as filtering by term id and sorting by any Elasticsearch property. Version 1.8 also speeds up post syncing dramatically through non-blocking queries. Full list of enhancements and bug fixes:


  • Add a filter around the search fuzziness argument. Props dkotter.
  • Make post indexing a non-blocking query. Props cmmarslender.
  • Log queries for debugging. Makes ElasticPress Debug Bar plugin possible.
  • Make posts_per_page = -1 possible.
  • Support term id and name tax queries.
  • Add raw/sortable to property to term mapping. Props sc0ttkclark
  • Add raw/sortable property to meta mapping. Props sc0ttkclark
  • Add raw/sortable to author display name and login


  • Fix post deletion. Props lukaspawlik.
  • Properly flush cache with wp_cache_flush. Props jstensved
  • When directly comparing meta values in a meta query, use the raw property instead of value.
  • Support arbitrary document paths in orderby. Props sc0ttkclark.

1.7 – 2015-12-11

NOTICE: Mapping change, requires re-index.

ElasticPress 1.7 restructures meta mapping for posts for much more flexible meta queries. The post_meta Elasticsearch post property has been left for backwards compatibility. As of this version, post meta will be stored in the meta Elasticsearch property. meta is structured as follows:

  • meta.value (string)
  • meta.raw (unanalyzed string)
  • meta.long (unanalyzed number)
  • meta.double (unanalyzed number)
  • meta.boolean (unanalyzed number)
  • meta.date (unanalyzed yyyy-MM-dd date)
  • meta.datetime (unanalyzed yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss datetime)
  • time (unanalyzed HH:mm:ss time)

When querying posts, you will get back meta.value. However, if you plan to mess with the new post mapping, it’s important to understand the intricacies.

The real implications of this is in meta_query. You can now effectively search by meta types. See the new section in README.md for details on this.

1.7 also contains the following bugs/enhancements:

  • (Bug) Prevent missed post indexing when duplicate post dates. Props lukaspawlik
  • (Bug) Complex meta types are automatically serialized upon storage.
  • (Enhancement) Index posts according to post type. Props sc0ttkclark

1.6.2 – 2015-11-12

NOTICE: Mapping change, requires re-index.

ElasticPress 1.6.2 fixes ALL backwards compatibility issues with Elasticsearch 2.0:

  • Removes fuzzy_like_this query and uses multi_match instead.
  • Uses string instead of array for post type term when there is only one term.

1.6.1 – 2015-11-09

NOTICE: Mapping change, requires re-index.

ElasticPress 1.6.1 fixes mapping backwards compatibility issues with Elasticsearch 2.0:

  • Removes the fields field type from object typed fields as they should be called properties.
  • Remove path from object field types.

1.6 – 2015-08-31

ElasticPress 1.6 contains a number of important enhancements and bug fixes. Most notably, we now support Elasticsearch fallback hosts and the indexing of attachments.

Bug Fixes:

  • Clean up PHP Code Sniffer errors. Props chriswiegman
  • Properly document Elasticsearch version
  • Abide by exclude_from_search instead of public when indexing post types. Props allan23 and ghosttoast.
  • Allow posts to be indexed with invalid date values. Props tuanmh
  • Support ep_post_sync_kill filter in bulk indexing. Props Stayallive


  • Add blog id to ep_index_name filter. Props kovshenin
  • Support post caching in search
  • Add recursive term indexing for heirarchal taxonomies. Props tuanmh
  • Enable indexing of attachments
  • Support fallback hosts in case main EP host is unavailable. Props chriswiegman
  • Add ep_retrieve_the_post filter to support relevancy score manipulation. Props matthewspencer
  • Make search results filterable. Props chriswiegman

1.5.1 – 2015-07-06

Bug Fixes:

  • Prevent notices from being thrown when non-existent index properties are accessed. This was happening for people how upgraded to 1.5 without doing a re-index. Props allan23

1.5 – 2015-06-25

Bug Fixes:


  • Add support for category_name WP_Query parameter. Props ocean90
  • Support limiting sites in network wide commands. Props bordoni
  • Add support for method to un-integrate WP_Query. Props kingkool68
  • Support cache_results in WP_Query
  • Add action prior to starting WP-CLI index command
  • Add missing headers to WP_CLI commands. Props chriswiegman
  • Improve error reporting in bulk indexing during bad ES requests.
  • Fix is_search check notice. Props allenmoore and allan23
  • Added a filter to modify request headers. Props tuanmh
  • Prevent bulk index from sending useless error emails. Props cmmarslender
  • Add –offset parameter to cli indexing command. Stayallive
  • Change the syncing hook to play better with plugins. Props jonathanbardo
  • Support like query in post meta. Props tuanmh
  • Sanitization fixes for PHPCS. Props mphillips
  • Added filter to set default sort order. Props HKandulla
  • MySQL DB completely removed from integrated ElasticPress WP Query. Props EduardMaghakyan and crebacz

1.4 – 2015-05-18

Bug Fixes:

  • Duplicate sync post hooks separated. Props superdummy
  • Don’t send empty index error emails. Props cmmarslender
  • Remove default shard and indices configuration numbers but maintain backwards compatibility. Props zamoose
  • Fix wrong author ID in post data. Props eduardmaghakyan


  • date_query and date parameters now supported in WP_Query. Props joeyblake and eduardmaghakyan
  • Make all request headers filterable
  • Add EP API key to all requests as a header if a constant is defined. Props zamoose
  • Add index exists function; remove indexes on blog deletion/deactivation. Props joeyblake
  • Refactor wp-cli stats for multisite. Props jaace
  • Index mappings array moved to separate file. Props mikaelmattsson
  • Support meta inequality comparisons. Props psorensen

1.3.1 – 2015-04-09

  • Support date in WP_Query orderby. Props psorensen

1.3 – 2015-02-03

  • Support meta_query in WP_Query integration
  • Improved documentation. Each WP-CLI command has been documented
  • Add elasticsearch property to global post object to assist in debugging
  • ep_integrate param added to allow for WP_Query integration without search. (Formally called ep_match_all)
  • Filter added for post statuses (defaults to publish). Change the sync mechanism to make sure it takes all post statuses into account. Props jonathanbardo
  • Bug fix: check if failed post exists in indexing. Props elliot-stocks
  • Bug fix: properly check if setup is defined in indexing. Props elliot-stocks
  • Bug fix: add WP_Query integration on init rather than plugins loaded. Props adamsilverstein
  • Bug fix: Properly set global post object post type in loop. Props tott
  • Bug fix: Do not check if index exists on every page load. Refactor so we can revert to MySQL after failed ES ping.
  • Bug fix: Make sure we check is_multisite() if --network-wide is provided. Props ivankruchkoff
  • Bug fix: Abide by the exclude_from_search flag from post type when running search queries. Props ryanboswell
  • Bug fix: Correct mapping of post_status to not_analyzed to allow for filtering of the search query (will require a re-index). Props jonathanbardo

1.2 – 2014-12-05

  • Allow number of shards and replicas to be configurable.
  • Improved searching algorithm. Favor exact matches over fuzzy matches.
  • Query stack implementation to allow for query nesting.
  • Filter and disable query integration on a per query basis.
  • Support orderbyparameter inWP_Query
  • (Bug) We don’t want to add the like_text query unless we have a non empty search string. This mimcs the behavior of MySQL or WP which will return everything if s is empty.
  • (Bug) Change delete action to action_delete_post instead of action_trash_post
  • (Bug) Remove _boost from mapping. _boost is deprecated by Elasticsearch.
  • Improve unit testing for query ordering.

1.1 – 2014-10-27

  • Refactored is_alive, is_activated, and is_activated_and_alive. We now have functions is_activated, elasticsearch_alive, index_exists, and is_activated. This refactoring helped us fix #150.
  • Add support for post_title and post_name orderby parameters in WP_Query integration. Add support for order parameters.

1.0 – 2014-10-20

  • Support search_fields parameter. Support author, title, excerpt, content, taxonomy, and meta within this parameter.
  • Move all management functionality to WP-CLI commands
  • Remove ES_Query and support everything through WP_Query
  • Disable sync during import
  • Check for valid blog ids in index names
  • Improved bulk error handling
  • No need for ep_last_synced meta
  • No need for syncing taxonomy
  • Improved unit test coverage
  • sites WP_Query parameter to allow for search only on specific blogs

0.9.3 – 2014-09-26

* Better documentation surrounding WP_Query parameters (props @tlovett1).
* Option to allow for using match_all (props @colegeissinger for suggestion).
* Better tests for some WP_Query parameters (props @tlovett1).
* Allow for manual control over search integration.
* Support for passing an array of sites to search against (props @tlovett1).
* Filter for controlling whether or not ElasticPress is enabled during a wp_query request.
* Filter to allow adjusting which fields are searched (ep_search_fields).

* Prevented filtering WP_Query in admin (props @cmmarslender).
* Updated tests to better conform to WordPress repo 5.2 compatibility (props @tlovett1).
* Made running re-indexing commands simpler and easier by adding support for a new --setup flag on the index command.
* Disable search integration during syncing.

* Bug that would cause a post to stay in the index when a post was unpublished.
* Bug that would cause site to be improperly switched after a wp_reset_postdata while not in the loop.
* Bug that would cause EP to individually sync each post during an import – disabled syncing during import – requires a full re-index after import.

0.9.2 – 2014-09-11

* Wrapper method for wp_get_sites, added filter.
* Ability to change scope of search to other sites in network.
* tax_query support.

* Aggregation filter update.

0.9.1 – 2014-09-05

* Action to allow for retrieval of raw response.
* Filter to retrieve aggregations.
* Pagination tests.
* ep_min_similarity and ep_formatted_args filters.
* ep_search_fields filter for adding custom search fields.
* Filter to allow for specific site selection on multisite indexing.

* Adjust default fuzziness to .75 instead of .5.

* Main query check on ep wp query integration.

0.9 – 2014-09-03

* Make labels clickable in admin.
* Setup plugin textdomain; POT file for translation; localize stray string in cron.
* Tests for is_alive function.
* search_meta key param support to ES_Query.
* Test WP Query integration on multisite setup.
* Flush and re-put mapping on admin sync request.
* WP Query integration.

* Simplify sync.
* do_scheduled_syncs into do_syncs.
* Make config files static.

* EP hidden taxonomy.

* Cron stuff.
* Statii.
* Type coercion in equality checks.

0.1.2 – 2014-06-27

  • Only index public taxonomies
  • Support ES_Query parameter that designates post meta entries to be searched
  • Escape post ID and site ID in API calls
  • Fix escaping issues
  • Additional tests
  • Translation support
  • Added is_alive function for checking health status of Elasticsearch server
  • Renamed statii to status

0.1.0 – Unknown

  • Initial plugin