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Gallery Bank is ’such a powerful photo gallery plugin designed with advanced features to showcase your image galleries in the most beautiful and authentic way.

Whether you specialize in photography, creative designs, or a journalistic exploration, your photos tell a unique story and deserve to be presented in the best way possible.

This plugin is the ideal solution for creating portfolios, photo albums, showcases and teasers for your wordpress website.

The plugin comes with a user-friendly AJAX-driven administration that allows creating galleries easily and quickly.

You can display a gallery in a post, page or even in a widget area.

We especially took care of the loading speed performance by optimizing the queries and have created a custom and lightweight jQuery script.


Gallery Bank is one of the best WordPress Gallery Plugin in the market that is fully responsive and have loaded with extra-ordinary features.

It is loaded with 200+ features and you can create stunning photo albums, image galleries on any of your WordPress site/blog.

It provides a powerful photo gallery engine for uploading and managing photo albums of images, with the ability to batch upload, delete, rearrange and sort images.

It is being regularly updated for new features.

It’s a perfect choice among photographers to have a stunning look for their sites/blogs.

Smart photographers, designers, and developers love Gallery Bank, and you will love too!

Gallery Bank – WordPress Gallery Plugin Premium Version

Key Features available in Free Version

  • 100% Responsive.
  • Clean and Modern Design
  • Ajax Themes Compatibility
  • Masonry Layouts
  • Thumbnails Layouts
  • Top Notch Support
  • Strong SEO Foundation
  • Shortcode Editor to style each gallery individually.
  • Use multiple instances on the same page.
  • User-Friendly Admin Panel to add Galleries.
  • Create & Manage the unlimited amount of image galleries on your WordPress site/blog.
  • Upload an unlimited amount of photos/images in your gallery.
  • Images uploaded are stored in a separate directory to avoid mess up with an inbuilt wp-uploads folder.
  • Photo Metadata is fetched from each image and populates to Title, Description, Alt Text Fields too.
  • Photo Metadata is retrieved as per IPTC Standard mentioned here
  • Add Title and Description to each of your photo galleries and albums.
  • Add Image Title, Image Description, Alt Text to each of your images.
  • Possibility to exclude images from displaying in a particular photo gallery.
  • Add single or multiple galleries to your page or post using a shortcode.
  • Supports Masonry Layout and Thumbnail Layouts.
  • Custom CSS Toolbox
  • Configure Thumbnail Dimensions in Global Options
  • Right Click Protection Feature in Global Options
  • Language Direction Feature in Global Options
  • Shortcode Wizard to add shortcodes on your Page/Post.
  • Gallery Widget to let you use your photo albums and galleries on your widget section.

Take your media gallery to the next level with Premium Versions which gives you 200+ features.

Key Features available in Premium Versions

  • All Free Version Features as mentioned above.
  • Supports Thumbnail, Masonry, Slideshow, Image Browser, Justified Grid, Blog Style, Compact Album, Extended Album.
  • Compact Albums displays in a Grid format whereas Extended Albums displays in a List format.
  • Manage Galleries
  • Upload Images using PL Uploader, WP Media Manager, Upload Video
  • Supports Videos from Youtube, Facebook, Vimeo etc.
  • Set Thumbnail as Cover Image.
  • Apply Tags to use as Filters for your filterable portfolio.
  • Edit Images – Crop, Rotate Anti Clockwise, Rotate Clockwise, Flip Images Vertically, Flip Images Horizontally, Restore Images, Watermarking.
  • Edit Images – Effects ’such as Grayscale, Negative, Removal, Sepia, Slate, Saturate, Brightness, Contrast.
  • Copy Images to other Galleries, Move Images to other Galleries.
  • Sort Galleries – Drag & Drop Images to provide Custom Order/Sequence for displaying as per your needs.
  • Manage Albums – Edit existing Album, Delete Album, Delete All Albums
  • Add Album – Album Title & Description
  • Add Album – Add Existing Galleries to your Album to display on Front End.
  • Sort Galleries – Drag & Drop Images to provide Custom Order/Sequence for displaying as per your needs.
  • Manage Tags – Edit Tags, Delete Tags
  • Add Tags – Tag Name, Description for Filters to be applied later to Galleries, Albums
  • Thumbnail Layouts
  • Masonry Layouts
  • Slideshow Layouts
  • Image Browser Layouts
  • Justified Grid Layouts
  • Blog Style Layouts
  • Compact Album Layouts
  • Extended Album Layouts
  • Customize Layouts using Custom CSS.
  • Lightcase Lightbox
  • Fancy Box Lightbox
  • Color Box Lightbox
  • Foo Box Free Edition
  • Nivo Lightbox
  • Global Options
  • Lazy Load of Images
  • Filter Settings
  • Order By Settings
  • Search Box for Galleries and Albums
  • Page Navigation
  • Watermarking of Images
  • Advertisement
  • Shortcode Wizard
  • Roles and Capabilities to let you choose what WordPress roles can edit your galleries.
  • Animation Effects
  • Special Effects
  • 24/7 Technical Support

Gallery Bank is completely customizable, resizable and is compatible with all browsers and devices (iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones).

You will be able to insert it in any page or post you want with its inbuilt shortcode gener’ator.

For an even more personal and compelling experience, you can add special effects to your photos.

This comprehensive gallery plugin also allows you to integrate a bundle of beautiful free and premium lightbox options to your WordPress Gallery.

Gallery Bank gives you a complete confidence that it will perform flawlessly on any device, orientation or pixel density.

Visit here to upgrade to Premium Versions now.

Gallery Bank uses FooBox as its default gallery lightbox which is licensed under GPL V2 or later.

Responsive Photo Gallery Plugin for WordPress

It is being designed keeping in mind the optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. At the same time, it is being coded to work also on old browsers!

Whether your visitors are on a Mobile, Laptop or Desktop your Gallery will look great on any device.

Unlimited Image Galleries & Photos

You can add an unlimited number of images in a single gallery.

As you have created a number of image galleries, you can add as many short-codes on your page as you need.

Layout Settings

Easily Configuration settings for Thumbnails, Album Covers, Different Lightboxes, Slideshow, Pagination etc. for customizing your albums as per your website’s look & feel.

Easy Setup & Management

Create stunning, 100% responsive, SEO-friendly photo gallery in minutes.

It provides easy-to-manage functionality to rename, upload, copy, add and remove images.

Galleries can be uploaded using inbuilt WordPress Media Uploader or PLUploader.

Image Gallery

It allows you to add multiple images with multiple effects.

Image Gallery option allows you to customize the settings for views of images.

Masonry Layout

Gallery Bank lets you implement Masonry Layout easily.

Masonry layouts are a great choice for creating galleries using images with varied dimensions.

It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space.

Different Lightboxes

Lightbox will appear when you click on the image and it will help you show more detail about your pictures with full description and full size of the image.

A variety of choices are available to choose from.

Custom Widgets

Custom Widgets lets you easily embed shortcode from the shortcode wizard and beautify your website with awesome galleries and albums.

Translate this Plugin

If you can help us with translation to some other language please contact us at [’]


We really appreciate it!

Technical Support

If you think, that you found a bug in our plugin or have any question contact us at ’

Please use the ’support forum on only for this free version of the plugin.

For the Premium Version, there is a separate ’support package available.

Please do not use the ’support forum for questions about the Premium Versions.


  • Manage Galleries
  • Add Gallery - Title & Description
  • Add Gallery - Upload Images
  • Add Gallery - Upload Images - WP Media Manager
  • Add Gallery - Upload Images - Upload From Local System
  • Sort Galleries
  • Manage Albums
  • Add Album - Album Title & Description
  • Add Album - Upload Albums
  • Sort Albums
  • Manage Tags
  • Add Tag
  • Thumbnail Layout - Thumbnails
  • Thumbnail Layout - Gallery Title
  • Thumbnail Layout - Gallery Description
  • Thumbnail Layout - Thumbnail Title
  • Thumbnail Layout - Thumbnail Description
  • Masonry Layout - Thumbnails
  • Masonry Layout - Gallery Title
  • Masonry Layout - Gallery Description
  • Masonry Layout - Thumbnail Title
  • Masonry Layout - Thumbnail Description
  • Slideshow Layout - Thumbnails
  • Slideshow Layout - Gallery Title
  • Slideshow Layout - Gallery Description
  • Slideshow Layout - Thumbnail Title
  • Slideshow Layout - Thumbnail Description
  • Image Browser Layout - Thumbnails
  • Image Browser Layout - Gallery Title
  • Image Browser Layout - Gallery Description
  • Image Browser Layout - Thumbnail Title
  • Image Browser Layout - Thumbnail Description
  • Justified Grid Layout - Thumbnails
  • Justified Grid Layout - Gallery Title
  • Justified Grid Layout - Gallery Description
  • Justified Grid Layout - Thumbnail Title
  • Justified Grid Layout - Thumbnail Description
  • Blog Style Layout - Thumbnails
  • Blog Style Layout - Gallery Title
  • Blog Style Layout - Gallery Description
  • Blog Style Layout - Thumbnail Title
  • Blog Style Layout - Thumbnail Description
  • Compact Album Layout - Thumbnails
  • Compact Album Layout - Album Title
  • Compact Album Layout - Album Description
  • Compact Album Layout - Gallery Title
  • Compact Album Layout - Gallery Description
  • Compact Album Layout - Buttons
  • Extended Album Layout - Thumbnails
  • Extended Album Layout - Album Title
  • Extended Album Layout - Album Description
  • Extended Album Layout - Gallery Title
  • Extended Album Layout - Gallery Description
  • Extended Album Layout - Buttons
  • Custom CSS
  • Lightcase - Settings
  • Lightcase - Image Title
  • Lightcase - Image Description
  • Fancy Box - Settings
  • Fancy Box - Image Title
  • Fancy Box - Image Description
  • Color Box - Settings
  • Color Box - Image Title
  • Color Box - Image Description
  • Foo Box Free Edition - Settings
  • Foo Box Free Edition - Image Title
  • Foo Box Free Edition - Image Description
  • Nivo Lightbox - Settings
  • Nivo Lightbox - Image Title
  • Nivo Lightbox - Image Description
  • General Settings - Global Options
  • General Settings - Lazy Load Settings
  • General Settings - Filter Settings
  • General Settings - Order By Settings
  • General Settings - Search Box Settings
  • General Settings - Page Navigation
  • General Settings - Watermark Settings - Text
  • General Settings - Watermark Settings - Image
  • General Settings - Advertisement - Text
  • General Settings - Advertisement - Image
  • Shortcodes - Thumbnail Layout
  • Shortcodes - Masonry Layout
  • Shortcodes - Slideshow Layout
  • Shortcodes - Image Browser Layout
  • Shortcodes - Justified Grid Layout
  • Shortcodes - Blog Style Layout
  • Other Settings
  • Roles & Capabilities
  • System Information


Gallery Bank – Performing a new installation

Minimum Requirements

The following set of lists are the minimum requirements for installing Gallery Bank on your machine.

  • WordPress 3.3+
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x

Using The WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the Plugins Dashboard
  2. Search for ‘Gallery Bank’
  3. Click ‘Install Now’
  4. Activate the Plugin on the Plugin dashboard

Uploading in WordPress Dashboard

  1. Navigate to the ‘Add New’ in the Plugins Dashboard
  2. Navigate to the ‘Upload’ area
  3. Select from your computer
  4. Click ‘Install Now’
  5. Activate the Plugin in the Plugin dashboard

For Mac Users

  1. Go to your Downloads folder and locate the folder with the Plugin.
  2. Right-click on the folder and select Compress.
  3. Now you have a newly created .zip file which can be installed as described here.


How to Install?

Here are the below-mentioned steps for installing Gallery Bank on your WordPress.

If you are using the Free Version, you can follow the following steps:

  • Login to the WordPress Administr’ator Panel.
  • Go to “Plugins > Add New”.
  • In the Search box, type “Gallery Bank” and press Enter.
  • In the re’sults grid, you will get a link to “Gallery Bank”, click on “Install Now” link for “Gallery Bank”.
  • Click “Activate Plugin” link to activate the Plugin.

Hopefully, if you have followed the steps properly as mentioned above, you will see the ’success message.

If any problem occurs during the installation process, please contact us at ’

How to customize Galleries?

Galleries section is divided into following three parts:

  • Manage Galleries
  • Add Gallery
  • Sort Galleries

Using Manage Galleries Menu, the user can customize existing galleries.

Using the Add Gallery Menu, the user can add a new gallery.

Using Sort Galleries, the user can sort order of images in a gallery.

For this, you just have to drag and drop images to rearrange them in your preferred order.

This gives an idea about how to add, manage and sort Galleries in Gallery Bank.

You can also add Title, Description, Alt Text and Links to the images in a gallery.


Novembar 23, 2020
I've purchased the premium edition of Gallery Bank in 2016. It was a one time fee back then. In 2020, I'm trying to update my plugin, and it will not update via the wordpress backend. It simply redirects me to the techbanker website. I suspect this is an issue when they changed their subscription options and price tiers. My request was simply for a link to download the necessary files to update my plugin and I am getting no response. I included my purchase confirmation from 2016. I've followed up 3 times over the course of a week and no response. I guess they simply don't care about a paying customer. This is very disappointing.
Novembar 9, 2020
I have used this plugin for years and it is a better gallery than what I've found with the more popular products out there. However, one year ago support stopped and the plugin is throwing codes and is not working properly. Until they update and start fixing problems, stay away. If they will come back and make it compatible with up-to-date wordpress etc., it's an awesome product when working properly.
Otubar 7, 2020
These guys are a bunch of scammers! We fell into their trap a year ago when we purchased a set of plugins that did not work. We received no help from them… or refund. Then a year later, yesterday they managed to charge us again and have refused to refund the funds. They are located in some obscure country and there is no way of really contacting them, reversing the charges etc. DO NOT USE THESE PLUGINS How they are still listed in the WordPress plugin directory we will never know.
Otubar 6, 2020
"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" These plugins are a mess! Nothing worked properly, then after we cancelled over a year ago, they still managed to charge our account again. We looked at the company and they are based in Estonia? Wow, good luck if your a real business with real issues in the US and First World countries. We do a review of top plugins and services on our blogs and YouTube Channels, we also review some of the worst plugins and companies to watch out for! Guess who is going to be featured with an inside look into the business and real reviews...?
Jugn 19, 2020
Doesn't work on the latest version of WordPress + Divi. I upgraded my WordPress and all my galleries broke. I replaced them in the updated version of Gallery and it still doesn't work. No titles/images appear.
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