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ThumbPress – Disable Thumbnails, Regenerate Thumbnails, Optimize Images, Convert to WebP, Disable Right Click, Compress Images, Image Editor & More

ThumbPress – Disable Thumbnails, Regenerate Thumbnails, Optimize Images, Convert to WebP, Disable Right Click, Compress Images, Image Editor & More


πŸš€ Pro Version | πŸ”΅ Facebook | 🐦 Twitter | πŸ‘₯ LinkedIn

How many images and thumbnails do you have on your WordPress site? Can’t count, right?

Managing those images and thumbnails is harder than counting them. ThumbPress, the one-stop WordPress image management plugin makes this easier than ever.

Check out the exciting features below:

πŸ‘‰ All ThumbPress Features to Supercharge Your WordPress Image Management

πŸ’₯ Disable Thumbnails
πŸ’₯ Regenerate Thumbnails
πŸ’₯ Find Unused Images [Pro]
πŸ’₯ Set Image Upload Limit
πŸ’₯ Detect Large Images [Pro]
πŸ’₯ Image Compression [Pro]
πŸ’₯ Replace Images [Pro]
πŸ’₯ Set Social Media Thumbnails
πŸ’₯ Image Editor [Pro]
πŸ’₯ Convert to WebP
πŸ’₯ Disable Right Click on Image

Here are some of the key features of the ThumbPress plugin for WordPress Image Management –

πŸš€ Disable Thumbnails

When you upload an image using Media Uploader, WordPress generates multiple copies/thumbnails of that image. By default, WordPress generates 5 thumbnails:
– Thumbnail
– Medium
– Medium-large
– Large
– Scaled

Along with this, your themes and plugins add more thumbnails and most of these thumbnails remain unused.

The result? Unnecessary additional images eat up your server space and slow down your site!

This is where the Disable feature comes into the picture. Just install the plugin and choose which of the image sizes you want to prevent from generating.

πŸš€ Regenerate Thumbnails

Regenerate thumbnails on your WordPress site at any moment, regardless of their sizes. No more worrying about lost thumbnails β€” our WordPress plugin guarantees swift restoration, keeping your site’s visual appeal flawless and consistent. Start now and rebuild thumbnails on your WordPress site.

πŸš€ Social Media Thumbnails

ThumbPress enables you to assign unique thumbnails for various social media platforms, ensuring that an image intended for Facebook remains uncropped when shared on Twitter or LinkedIn. You can upload distinct thumbnails for each social media site.

πŸš€ Image Upload Limit

Set a maximum limit for image upload size and resolution to ensure faster loading times. Our feature allows you to customize these parameters according to your website requirements and prevent oversized images from slowing down your site.

πŸš€ Convert Images to WebP

In WordPress convert images to WebP in bulk or one by one without any effort. Convert JPG or PNG to WebP from the comfort of your favorite WordPress dashboard and upgrade your website’s performance without sacrificing image quality. This advanced function ensures your images remain crisp and clear while reducing file size compared to traditional formats. The image conversion to WebP format helps you in SEO and gets you better rankings as Google recommends this format.

πŸš€ Disable Right Click on Image

Disable the right-click function on your website, a simple yet effective way to deter visitors from downloading or copying your images and thumbnails. It’s a preventive measure that adds an extra layer of protection to your digital assets and keeps your visuals exclusive to your site.

πŸ‘‰ ThumbPress Pro Features

πŸ”₯ Detect Large Images [Pro]
πŸ”₯ Detect Unused Images [Pro]
πŸ”₯ Compress Images [Pro]
πŸ”₯ Replace Image with New Version [Pro]
πŸ”₯ Image Editor [Pro]

Check out our Pro Features and Pricing Plans

🌟 Detect Large Images

Find and compress oversized images, or delete them entirely to get back valuable server space. It’s a great way to improve user experience by speeding up your site’s loading time and streamlining media files directly on the WordPress dashboard.

🌟 Find & Delete Unused Images on WordPress

Find unused images on WordPress and delete them by simply using ThumbPress. Unused images eat up your server space without adding any value to your website audiences. ThumbPress makes it easy for you to find all unused images and remove them from a very user-friendly interface with ThumbPress image optimizer.

🌟 Compress Images (The Easiest Image Compression Plugin on WordPress)

Optimize and have a blazing-fast website by using the WordPress image compression plugin ThumbPress. Our built-in WordPress image compression feature optimizes images to improve your site’s performance without losing visual quality. The plugin’s simple interface helps you compress WordPress effortlessly.

🌟 Replace Image with New Version

Replace images with newer versions without changing their existing links. It ensures that the same image will show up properly if used elsewhere. It’s the perfect solution for maintaining visual relevance.

🌟 Image Editor

We always try to upload the finest image to the site after all the editing stuff is done. But, sometimes, the previously uploaded images may require some brush-ups. In such cases, one option is to upload quite new images. The WordPress image editor feature of ThumbPress enables you to edit them right on your WordPress Dashboard. Try our simple and compact image editor tool today and bring perfection to your WordPress images.


  • ThumbPress uses Intercom and its API to provide live chat support right from the dashboard.
  • Some third-party libraries are used to enable some features of the plugin. Kudos to the corresponding authors.


  • Module Settings
  • Disable Thumbnails
  • Regenerate Thumbnails
  • Detect Unused Images
  • Image Editor
  • Detect Large Images
  • Compress Images
  • Replace Image with New Version
  • Set Social Media Thumbnails
  • Set Image Upload Limit
  • Convert Images into WebP


  1. Upload the plugin to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the Plugins menu in WordPress
  3. Go to the ThumbPress menu from the left and choose which of the sizes you want to prevent from generating.


What is ThumbPress?

ThumbPress is a comprehensive WordPress image management solution. It offers a wide range of features to optimize, manage, and protect images on a WordPress site.

Does ThumbPress work with WooCommerce?

Yes, absolutely! All features of ThumbPress are fully compatible with WooCommerce.

Is it compatible with WordPress Multisite?

Yes, ThumbPress is fully compatible with any WordPress Multisite installations.

How does the disable and delete thumbnails feature work?

You will find your images displayed on the dashboard. Simply use our drag-and-drop interface to select the images you want to disable or delete from your media library.

Is it possible to bulk convert images to a different format with ThumbPress?

Yes, but you can only convert JPG and PNG images into WebP format.

Can I get back my old thumbnails?

Of course! From version 3.0 and higher, you can regenerate thumbnails of your existing images. Just go to the Regenerate Thumbnails tab, select the images you want to regenerate, and click on the β€˜Regenerate Button’.

Can I replace an image in the WordPress Media Library without changing its URL?

Yes, you can. ThumbPress lets you replace images and thumbnails with new versions without updating existing links anytime!

My question is not answered here.

Please post on our support forum here https://wordpress.org/support/plugin/image-sizes/


8 di Lui dal 2024 2 replies
Agency Lifetime Version gekauft, angeblich mit einfacher Kaufgarantie. Geld gibt es nicht zurΓΌck, funktioniert nicht sauber und verursacht Fehler. Ausser Lug und Trug darf man lange auf den Support warten und wird immer nur vertrΓΆstet. Einfach nur Finger weg.
7 di Lui dal 2024 2 replies
Worked flawless for me. My website stopped generating useless thumbnails with this plugin and saved a lot of space.
18 di Jugn dal 2024 2 replies
At the moment I’m using it to resize my pictures, but I see a lot of things to use in the future to keep the site smaller then it was. So far it’s working fine and the one question I had was answered right away!! Keep up the good work!!!
22 di Mai dal 2024 2 replies
Upgraded to their pro version after using this plugin for a while. The Pro version does not work. Asked for a refund since it was an error on their part. They said there would be a fix. A month later, still didn’t work. Asked for a refund. Never received an answer. This is not a company/developer that stands by their own policies. I will no longer use their plugin and recommend the same to all.
20 di Mai dal 2024 3 replies
This was a simple plugin, which basically allowed you to disable the generation of images based on their presets. However, I don’t know when this happened.. but clearly an update came through and totally re-designed the interface, bundled a bunch of features (mostly “Pro” clickbait) and that would have all been fine.. if it didn’t disable the functionality that it was already performing.Now, despite re-enabling the “module” for this plugin, to continue it’s function of stopping the generation of various image sizes… it seems that every time there’s an update, it wants to completely set the configuration to default.. meaning that images are being generated at the incorrect sizes once again… and you should refresh the configuration page even after saving, because sometimes it reverts back or shows the incorrect configuration.There was no need to bloat this plugin and basically ruin what was working perfectly fine.. But despite other complains in the support section from other users.. issues continue.Thanks, but I guess I’ll be looking for a replacement.
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2024-07-15 – v5.4

  • [imp] integrated Action Scheduler into convert to WebP module
  • [imp] integrated Action Scheduler into some other modules
  • [imp] improved background process of regenerate thumbnails module
  • [imp] improved design issues of some modules

2024-06-09 – v5.3

  • [fix] fixed disable thumbnails drag-n-drop not working issue
  • [fix] fixed module interconnecting links not working issue
  • [imp] moved overview page contents to advanced features page

2024-05-31 – v5.2.4

  • [imp] Removed unnecessary wporg-assets folder

2024-05-29 – v5.2.3

  • [imp] optimized code and reduced plugin file size
  • [imp] improved style of disable thumbnails module
  • [imp] added links for interconnecting two modules

2024-05-21 – v5.2.2

  • [fix] Fixed the issue of stopping generating thumbnails

2024-05-21 – v5.2.1

  • [imp] removed pointer notice

2024-05-21 – v5.2

  • [fix] solved regenerate thumbnails issue
  • [imp] optimized javascript code

2024-05-20 – v5.1.2

  • [imp] removed admin notice from dashboard
  • [mod] changed leave a review button url

2024-05-15 – v5.1.1

  • [fix] Add New Plugin page refersh button onclick issue fixed

2024-05-09 – v5.1.0.2

  • [imp] code structure improved
  • [fix] sub-menu text changed
  • [fix] replace images issue fixed
  • [fix] convert all images issue fixed
  • [fix] convert images scaled issue fixed
  • [fix] delete original image after conversion issue fixed
  • [add] get image from attached file with scaled name function added
  • [imp] code cleaned and image mime type updated
  • [fix] action scheduler table issue fixed
  • [imp] check action scheduler table function updated
  • [add] create action scheduler tables if missing
  • [imp] check action table before activation and delete option table data
  • [imp] plugin settings slug changed
  • [fix] dashboard pointer issue solved
  • [imp] dashboard banner logic updated
  • [add] social share image single post check added
  • [add] social share image extra check added to avoid warning
  • [fix] scaled image regenerate issue fixed
  • [fix] scaled image thumbnail regenerate in background issue fixed

2024-05-01 – v5.0.2

  • [fix] fixed pinterest thumbnail in social share images module
  • [fix] fixed typographic issues in sereral modules
  • [fix] fixed Setup Wizard skip button URL
  • [fix] fixed some minor issues in Setup Wizard
  • [add] Pinterest pin support added for woocommerce product in social share images module
  • [add] fallback image meta tag added for Twitter card in social share images module
  • [imp] Pinterest pin meta tag updated in social share images module
  • [imp] improved some styles

2024-04-29 – v5.0.1

  • [fix] JS and CSS minified
  • [fix] Compat tested with WordPress 6.5.2

2024-04-29 – v5.0

  • [new] #### πŸš€ Introduced modules-
    • Detect Unused Images
    • Set Image Upload Limit
    • Detect Large Images
    • Compress Images
    • Replace Image with New Version
    • Set Social Media Thumbnails
    • Image Editor
    • Convert Images into WebP
    • Disable Right Click on Image

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