RS WP Book ShowCase – Best Books Gallery WordPress Plugin (Books Slider, Books Gird Gallery, Books Carousel, Books List Gallery)


RS WP Book Showcase WordPress Plugin – The All-in-one Book Display and Selling Solution for WordPress. Our powerful plugin is designed specifically for authors, publishers, and book affiliates looking to showcase and sell their books online. With RS WP Book Showcase, you can easily display all the important information about your book on your website, including the book’s title, author name, publisher name, cover art, descriptions, and various identification numbers ’such as the ISBN, ASIN, and more.

You also have the ability to provide multiple sales links, including popular sites like Amazon and Barnes & Noble, to increase the visibility of your book and make it more convenient for readers to purchase it. With the ability to sell books directly from your website, you have more control over the customer experience and the ability to increase your sales. Get started today with RS WP Books Showcase – The ultimate all-in-one solution for displaying and selling your books on WordPress.


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We are proud to offer a wide range of features with our RS WP BOOK SHOWCASE PLUGIN at no cost to you. Many of these features are not available elsewhere for free. We are constantly working to improve and develop new features for our users. By upgrading to the pro version, you will not only have access to even more powerful features, but also help us to continue developing and offering great features for free.
Thank you for your ’support.

Display all important information about your book:

With the RS WP Books Showcase plugin, you can easily display all book information ’such as

  • Original Book Name (Pro)
  • Book Name (Free)
  • Book Cover Image (Free)
  • Book Author (Free)
  • Book Category (Free)
  • Book Publish Date (Free)
  • Book Publish Year (Free)
  • Book Publisher Name (Free)
  • Book Descriptons and Full Review (Free)
  • Country (Free)
  • Language (Free)
  • Formats (Free)
  • Various identification numbers ’such as the ISBN and ASIN (Free)
  • File Size (if ebook) (Free)
  • Dimension (Free)
  • Weight (Free)
  • Book Regular Price and Sale Price (Free)
  • Buy Now Button (Free)
  • Multiple Sales Links (Pro)
  • Multiple Formats With Sales Page links (Pro)
  • Collect Readers Reviews (Free)

Various layout options:

The plugin offers different layout options for displaying your book ’such as a book slider/carousel, book gallery in grid layout or list layout.
* Book Grid Layout (Free)
* Book Slider/Carousel (Pro)

Advanced search form ( Free ):

RS WP Book Showcase WordPress Plugin includes an advanced search form that allows visitors to search for books by various criteria ’such as title/name, author, publisher, category, date, country, language, format, etc.

Sorting ( Free ):

RS WP Book Showcase plugin has another great features sorting which is a useful feature for online bookstores and libraries as it allows users to quickly and easily find the books they are looking for. People can easily find their books by sorting alphabetically, date and price.

Readers Testimonials ( Free ):

RS WP Book Showcase WordPress Plugin allows you to collect and display reader reviews of your books directly on your website.

The system allows you to moderate the reviews before they are displayed on your website, so you can en’sure that only appropriate content is shown.

Once a review is ’submitted and approved, it can be displayed in a designated section on your website, ’such as on the book’s page, where visitors can read the reviews and get an idea of what others think of your book.

Multiple sales links (PRO):

RS WP Book Showcase WordPress plugin allows you to provide multiple links for purchasing your book on different online platforms. This feature is useful for increasing the visibility of your book and making it more convenient for readers to purchase it.

With the multiple sales links feature, you can include links to popular online bookstores ’such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other online retailers where your book is available. You can also include links to your own website if you are selling the book directly. By providing multiple links, you increase the chances of a visitor finding a way to purchase the book that is most convenient for them.

Multiple Formats (PRO):

The feature allows you to display multiple formats of your book, ’such as e-book, audiobook, and physical book, along with sales links and prices for each format, making it easy for visitors to purchase the book in their preferred format.

Allow Others Authors To Submit Book On Your Website ( Free ):

RS WP Book Showcase WordPress Plugin Allows you to enable other authors to ’submit their books for display and sale on your website. this feature is usefull for authors, publisher and book affiliates who want to expand the range of books available on their website.

This plugin also allows you to moderate the ’submissions before they are displayed on your website, so you can en’sure that only appropriate content is shown.

Once a book is ’submitted and approved, it can be displayed in a designated section on your website. ’such as home page, books page etc.

You can display all your books using the following shortcode:

[rswpbs_book_gallery book_image=true book_title=true book_author=true book_price=true book_buy_button=true book_descriptions=true books_per_page=8 books_per_row=3 show_search_form=true show_sorting_form=true show_pagination=true book_cover_position=top]

This shortcode will create a gallery of your books with various information ’such as book image, title, author, price, buy button, descriptions, and more. The number of books per page and per row can be specified, as well as options to display a search form, sorting form, and pagination.

By default, all sections are set to “true”. If you wish to hide a specific section, set it to “false”.

For the “book_cover_position” option, there are three available values: “top”, “left”, and “right”. For example, if you set “book_cover_position=left”, the book cover will be displayed on the left and the content will be displayed on the right.”


Install WordPress Books Gallery as a regular WordPress plugin. Here are different ways to install plugin:

Install by search plugin:

  1. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  2. Search WordPress Books Gallery
  3. Click to install
  4. Activate the plugin

Install by upload plugin:

  1. Download the latest version of RS WP BOOKS SHOWCASE (.zip file)
  2. In your Admin, go to menu Plugins > Add New
  3. Select “Upload Plugin”
  4. Click on “Choose File”
  5. Select downloaded and click on “Install Now” button
  6. Activate the plugin


Dicembar 30, 2022
Easy to use theme and plugin, and best of all: Excellent support from a very responsive support and dev team.
Avost 6, 2022
I've been using this plugin on two websites of mine with two differen free themes and have had NO issues. The installation was seamless and went without a hitch. Its been amazing, gives me the ability to create, crisp, clean, book pages with a direct link to them landing pages for all my books. It did take a bit of learning to navigate it and get it set up to how I want it but overall a plugin that I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking to make their author site look professional. My only suggestion would be to make it easier to change the color schemes and add multiple sales links for those who don't have a 'clean' link for their books.
Lui 20, 2022 3 replies
It only worked with twenty twenty two theme. All the others would not display properly while the plugin is activated. I wish I hadn't wasted two days building the library before noticing. Also I could never get the sliders to work.
Setembar 15, 2022 2 replies
I don't think the developers are very responsive. Giving me a way to choose my book order should not be difficult. Downgrading a star. This plugin creates a very attractive slider with individual book pages. The big flaw for me is that it does not have a way - as far as I can find - to put the slides in the order you want them. They are simply alphabetical, which puts my current book last on the list, when it should be first, where people will notice it.
Read all 4 reviews

Contributors & Developers

“RS WP Book ShowCase – Best Books Gallery WordPress Plugin (Books Slider, Books Gird Gallery, Books Carousel, Books List Gallery)” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Removed Settings Page From Free Version and Added It On Pro With Stylish UI
  • Created Elementor and Gutenberg Block For Pro
  • Added Shortcode Attributes In Free Version
  • Added More Video Tutorial On Tutorial Page


  • Added Fields To Show Ebook Informations.
  • Improved Design
  • Added Rating Option
  • Added Availability Option

4.0.5 – Feb 20, 2023

* Small Bug Fixes

4.0.6 – Feb 21, 2023

* Solved String With INT conflict.
* Hide Blank Info

4.0.7 – Feb 22, 2023

* Solved Rating Color Is’sue

4.0.8 – March 08, 2023

* Added Curreny Icon
* Added Sample Book Reading feture ’such as audio, video, image, and pdf
* Optimized Code Quality

4.0.9 – March 08, 2023

* Small Bug Fixes

5.0.0 – March 08, 2023

* Make All Text Translatable

5.0.1 – March 13, 2023

* Added Reviews and Review Form On//off Options