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ShopConstruct – Product Catalog, Shopping Cart and eCommerce solution for Store


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ShopConstruct is an online business and shopping platform that has all the options you need to create an eCommerce product catalog with various product catalogs, showcased beautifully. Being extremely easy to use eCommerce plugin allows to take control and manage all the shopping processes starting from the product catalog creation.

Showcase and sell any kind of eCommerce products you wish inside the product catalog

Showcase and sell any type of products that you can imagine inside the ShopConstruct product catalog. Include different product types to your product catalog starting from physical products that can be delivered to digital and downloadable products. eCommerce plugin will automatically give an option to download the product once the shopping cart checkout process is ’successfully completed.

All created eCommerce product catalogs will be listed and showcased in dashboard. The list includes particular product related information ’such as:

eCommerce Product Title, Image, product SKU, product available quantity in the Stock, Price, Shortcode.

The list allows filtering the eCommerce products added to product catalog by title, SKU and price.


Fashion Clothes Store | Virtual Tickets Store

eCommerce product Categories and Tags

eCommerce advanced Category and Tag system can be used for sorting and filtering the eCommerce products you offer in your product catalog. Adding both parent, child categories and tags to the eCommerce shop products will make your product catalog lists be more organised. Besides, category and tags can be used for the product type sorting and filtering purposes inside the product catalog.

All created eCommerce product Categories will be listed and showcased in this ’subsection. The list includes particular Category related information ’such as:
eCommerce product Category ID, Image, Name, Description, Slug, Count.
The list allows filtering the eCommerce products added to product catalog by ID, Name, Description, Slug and Count. To filter the eCommerce shop products, click on the parameter arrow above or under the list.

All created eCommerce shop product Tags will be listed and showcased in this ’subsection. The list includes particular eCommerce product Tag related information ’such as:
eCommerce product Tag ID, Name, Description, Slug, Count.
The list allows filtering the products inside the product catalog by ID, Name, Description, Slug and Count. To filter the eCommerce shop products, click on the parameter arrow above or under the list.

eCommerce product Reviews and Ratings

All the ’submitted reviews and ratings for the eCommerce shop product are listed and showcased and can be managed from one place. Use this eCommerce product reviews and ratings option to analyze and control the quality of the service delivered to your end users.

All the ’submitted reviews and ratings can be modified.

All ’submitted eCommerce product Reviews will be listed and showcased in this ’subsection. The list includes particular Review related information ’such as:

Review Author, Review, “In Response To”, Rating, Submitted On, Actions (Hold, Reply, Edit/View or Delete)

The list allows filtering the eCommerce shop product reviews by Author, In Response To, Rating and Submitted On. To filter the eCommerce shop reviews, click on the parameter arrow above or under the list.

Managing eCommerce orders

Ajax Filtering

No page loading or redirecting all the category, rating and price filters work with Ajax technology, without loading a page.

Besides receiving product catalog orders from the clients, using ShopConstruct it is very easy to create custom orders from the plugin dashboard/back-end. The listed orders are easily controlled, filtered and managed. The status of each order is showcased in the main list.
The list includes particular Order related information ’such as:
Review Status, Order N, Purchased item QTY, Ship To, Date, Total (amount), Actions (Mark complete, Mark processing, Edit/View)

eCommerce Payment Methods for cart item checkout

ShopConstruct offers 4 payment types for shopping cart checkout.

Cart item checkout payment Methods include:

PayPal, BACS (Wire Transfer), Cheque, Cash on Delivery.

Depending on you preferences, any type of the payment method can be activated for the shopping cart checkout.

Cart Item Checkout

Enable guest cart item checkout to allow customers to checkout cart items without creating an account.

Enable Force secure checkout to force SSL (HTTPS) on the checkout pages (an SSL Certificate is required).

Checkout pages

These pages need to be set so that ShopConstruct knows where to send users to checkout cart items.

Checkout Page can be set from here to redirect users to enter shipping-related details to checkout cart items.

Terms and Conditions page can be set from here to redirect users to familiarize with service terms and conditions before confirming the transaction

Checkout Endpoints

Endpoints are appended to your page URLs to handle specific actions during the shopping cart checkout process.

Advanced Settings

We do understand how important is it to set and showcase every detail of the product catalog detail according to each client’s taste and requirements. That is why ShopConstruct has created additional section for more advanced product catalog settings so that everyone could showcase the eCommerce project in the way they prefer. Easily set and change showcased product catalog advanced options and settings to control every single detail of your online eCommerce shop and product catalog.

General Options

Base Location – Mention the shop base exact location
Selling Location(s) – Set locations the products will be shipped to
Specific Countries – Mention Specific shipping countries for the shop if there are any
Customer Default Address – Choose how the plugin should detect website visitor location

Currency Options

Choose the Currency that will be showcased on the shop Front-end
Select one of the Currency Symbol Positions.
Thousand Separ’ator – Use a symbol (e.g. comma) to separate groups of thousands
Decimal Separ’ator – Use decimal mark to separate the integer part from the fractional part of a number written in decimal form
Number of Decimals – Mention how many symbols can be showcased after decimal separ’ator

Product Catalog Design Options

Use Custom CSS field to add styles to product catalog/ eCommerce shop elements or override existing styles of the product catalog

ShopCustruct plugin simplicity will let you to build a powerful online shopping platform that will include and showcase eShop product catalog. Building product catalog with ShopCostruct is ’super easy. Everything that is required to showcase and sell is just to include the products you offer to the product catalog. The product catalog can include all kind of products. ShopConstruct beautifully showcases all products added to the product catalog.

While building the plugin we have created it for everyone to showcase, advertise and sell products. The plugin is ’super easy to use and eShop platform will be ready be launched after the quick set up. After the simple set up and creation, receive orders, sell and deliver anything anywhere.

Despite of its simplicity the plugin is SEO-friendly and offers a simple settings to improve the SEO ranking. Meta Title, Meta Description (phrases) can be added to each product you decide to sell on your online shopping platform. The options will be helpful for product search optimization purposes. Improving SEO ranking can affect and increase sales volume of offered product.
The plugin flexible functionality also gives an option to prevent the page from appearing in the Google Search.

Flexible price system. After adding each product to the eShop, the plugin also requires ro set and showcase the price of the product. 2 different prices are allowed to be showcased for each product. Regular price is the one to be showcased as a product main price. Sale price is the discounted price to be showcased if there are any flexible discounted prices for a particular product.
The discounted price can be scheduled. This option will automatically showcase the sale price on the days you prefer. All that is required just to set discounted price, sale starting date, time and sale end day, time. ShopConstruct will automatically calculate and showcase the available discounted price the product has. No need to remove the discounted price manually from the back-end. The plugin will hide the discounted price once the set sale period is expired. The price showcased will be changed to regular when the period is expired.

Easy and secure cart item checkout. Once the product and its quantity are chosen, the product can be send to the cart for the checkout to complete shopping process. The cart will showcase the quantity of the products that are inside. Clicking on a cart icon will open the shopping bag/ cart with all the products, price, quantity and the total amount to be paid. Inside the shopping bag/cart some products can be removed before checkout if needed. The quantity of the product can also be changed before shopping cart checkout process. If any changes were implemented inside the shopping bag cart plugin will automatically calculate and showcase new price for the shopping cart checkout. If Enable guest checkout is ticked, the plugin allows customers to complete shopping process without creating an account.

  • Set how the price currency needs to be showcased:

Choose the Currency that will be showcased on Front-end
Select one of the Currency Symbol Positions
Thousand Separ’ator symbol (e.g. comma) to separate groups of thousands
Decimal Separ’ator to separate the integer part from the fractional part of a number written in decimal form
Number of Decimals number of symbols to be showcased after decimal separ’ator

Plugin has integrated ready-made solutions for the cart item payment getaways. The cart item checkout payment methods include PayPal, BACS, Cheque, Cash on Delivery. Depending on your preferences and product types you can choose which payment can be enabled for the shopping cart checkout. All the cart item payment methods can be activated at the same time so that buyers would be able to complete shopping process easily and in a way that if convenient for them.

Using integrated PayPal payment method for cart item checkout will help make all the payment receiving process faster and more convenient. ShopConstruct also gives an option to enable sandbox to test the option first before making real transactions with the PayPal account. You may prefer to send shipping details to payPal instead of billing. ShopConstruct also allows to use the receiver email if the payment receiver email differs from the primary PayPal email account.

By enabling BACS users will be able to make cart item payments via Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer). Use Instructions field to give detailed information on how the shopping cart checkout needs to be done. An account can be added by inputting the following details:

Account Name – The name of the account holder
Account Number – Bank account number
Bank Name – Bank name
IBAN – International Bank Account Number
BIC/Swift – Bank Identifier Code/Swift code

Using Cheque is the other payment alternative method added to plugin functionality. A detailed instruction can be set to this payment method for buyers to better understand how the shopping cart checkout process needs to be completed.

Cash on Delivery will work for you if you do not want to receive any kind of transactions.

Shop and delivery general settings include the following settings to be set to make the eShop complete:

Mentioning the Base Location
Selling Location(s) locations the ordered products to be shipped to
Specific Countries shipping countries if there are any
Customer Default Address which will help the plugin to detect website visitor location


  • Discover
  • Dress Selection
  • Snakers For Real Men
  • Categories
  • Bags
  • Wallets
  • Store Single Product
  • Categories
  • Retro Cinema
  • Store Single Product


This plugin provides 4 blocks.

Cart Button


ShopConstruct Installation

ShopConstruct plugin installation is done by completing a few simple steps. Just like a regular WordPress plugin, ShopConstruct plugin has the same installation process.

To install ShopConstruct plugin use WordPress search system.

  • Go to your website dashboard
  • Plugin section> Add New
  • Use search field to find “ShopConstruct” plugin
  • After the plugin is detected, click “Install Now
  • After the plugin is installed, click “Activate Now

After completing the above-mentioned steps, ShopConstruct plugin icon appears on the admin page (under Setting section)

FTP installation

If, for some reason, you are not able to install the plugin using the standard method, installation via FTP is also possible.

Follow the instructions below to install ShopConsruct via FTP

  • Download plugin ZIP file from
  • Extract plugin Zip file to the PC
  • Upload the extracted directory to /wp-content/plugins/ file
  • After the plugin is installed, click “Activate Now

After completing the above-mentioned steps, ShopConstruct plugin icon appears on the admin page (under Setting section)

Updating plugin

As the plugin is completely free, all kind of newly added features will be available for all users. If the new updated version of the plugin is released, you will be notified that the version is already available for you to install. Notifications related to the available plugin updates will appear near Plugins section.

Going back to the plugin previous version

If for some reason you wish to revert to the previous version of the plugin, check the steps below (note that no information will be lost)

  • Deactivate and delete the current version of the plugin running
  • Find ShopConstruct plugin in
  • Click on Advanced Views
  • Scroll down to the bottom> find Development Version
  • Use dropdown to find the version you wish to install> Click Download
  • Upload the downloaded zip file by clicking Plugins> Add New> Install Now
  • After the plugin is installed, click “Activate Now


Where can I get ’support or talk to other users?
  • If you get stuck, you can ask for help in the Plugin Forum.
Where to find themes for ShopConstruct?
  • Use the theme you wish and you like the most. ShopConstruct doesn’t require any specific themes to create an eShop.ShopConstruct generates Category and Single product shortcodes to be added to any theme.
How to add a single product?
  • To add single product, go to plugin products section> click on the plus button. A popup window will open to fill in product details.
How to add digital and downloadable products?
  • To add digital and downloadable product, go to plugin products section> click on the plus button. After filling in the popup information, enable “Downloadable Product” option and upload the file itself.
How to set up a PayPal?
  • To set up PayPal, go plugin “Checkout” section, click on “Enable PayPal standard” and add your PayPal email.
Can customers purchase products without using PayPal?
  • The checkout process has 4 payment options which include PayPal, BACS, Cheque and Cash on Delivery.
Can I sell digital products?
  • Any kind of product type can be sold with the plugin. Starting from physical products which will be delivered to digital/downloadable products that can be downloaded.
How to publish single product?
  • To publish the product, copy its shortcode, add to post or page, click Publish button.
How to publish products list?
  • To publish product list, assign a category to products> copy category shortcode> add to post or page. Select “List” option from “Category Grid layout”.
How to display / publish list of categories?
  • To publish list of categories, copy all category shortcodes> add to a single post or page> publish it. Product categories will be displayed as albums.
What’s the difference between ShopConstruct Pro vs Free?
  • Pro version includes “Style Settings” section with various styling options.
What my user will see after he made a purchase?
  • The user will see a confirmation message after the purchase. In case of downloadable products, your users will receive an email with a downloadable link.


Jugn 25, 2019
Found this plugin accidentally , when browsing on WordPress... I can say it's a nice choice and nice support
Jugn 5, 2019
Hello, i have a big problem with this plug in, it's disfunctionned and i don't understand why ! no error notion, update is good, but i can't modified my products and any setting. When i go to the page product and i click to card button, nothing happen. Who can help me ? My site
Mai 30, 2019
The plugin was really very easy to use but very effective. He made my purchases organized and sales doubled.
Mai 27, 2019
Slightly reduce the payment for the service, but then it will be a pity for the guys who serve the service. they also need to earn, while they deserve it. I use the platform for more than 1 year, I am satisfied with everything and I don’t even think of switching to other similar platforms. I like that everything is customizable, you can completely redo the template for yourself, all versions of the site are always automatically saved!
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Contributors & Developers

“ShopConstruct – Product Catalog, Shopping Cart and eCommerce solution for Store” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fixed conflict with coral-dark theme, which caused our popups’ styles to be messed up
  • Changed part of plugin’s php codes to be PSR standards compliant
  • Fixed checkout page styles
  • Fixed popup overlays problem, which caused is’sues when opening popups one on another
  • Fixed category popup parent selection problem


  • Removed unnecessary files from plugin to reduce it’s size and resolve performance is’sues.
  • Changed admin.js build logic to reduce it’s size.


  • Fixed broken files.


  • added infinity scrolling ajax pagination for category grids
  • removed WordPress default pagination from category grids
  • added ajax filtering for category grid products
  • fixed minor is’sues in admin and frontend
  • fixed minor incompatiblities with WordPress default themes


  • Added sorting functionality to catalog.
  • Fixed shipping zone name display is’sue.


  • Fixed responsive is’sues in admin
  • Added deactivation feedback prompt
  • Fixed frontend cart session expiration problem


  • Added block editor compatibilty
  • Fixed frontend is’sues and theme compatibilties
  • Fixed bug in emails
  • Improved some admin ui elements


  • Fixed bug in email, which caused order price to be wrong.
  • Minor changes in product page.
  • Added conditional functionality for advanced version.
  • Fixed javascript errors in admin.


  • Adding a product when it does not have enough stock should return error.


  • Change Front end Styles.


  • Added an option to add cart button to the navigation menus.


  • Added category shortcode
  • Added catalog shortcode
  • Fixed grid styles in frontend
  • Added blurry background effect in category view for grid items
  • removed thumbnails functionality for products because of conflicts with default themes, now featured image is being taken from image gallery instead of being stored in database as featured image for the post.