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The plugin is available in English, French(Français), Arabic (العربية), Brazilian Portuguese(Português do Brasil), Italian(Italiano), Russian(Русский), Chinese(简体中文), Dutch(Nederlands), Serbian(Српски језик), Swedish(Svenska), Urdu(اردو), Japanese(日本語), Polish(Polski) and Galician(Galego).

Looking for an easy, user-friendly and robust Job board plugin?

Simple Job Board by PressTigers is an easy, light weight plugin that adds a job board to your WordPress website.
This plugin is extendible and easy to use. A customized job board is created to manage various job openings via WordPress with the Simple Job Board. You can add multiple job listings and can show them on any page by inserting [jobpost] shortcode. You can add multiple job features and customized application forms for every distinct job post. You can also add notes to an application right from the dashboard.



Live Demo

Please click here for Simple Job Board Demo.

Mobile App

Manage your Job Board from anywhere with the Simple Job Board mobile app on Android and iOS.

Simple Job Board Add-ons

Plugin Features

  • Add, categorize and manage all jobs using the granular WordPress User Interface.
  • Allow job listers to add job types in job listings.
  • Add job location to an individual job created.
  • Add category shortcode to any post to enlist job listing of that particular category.
  • Add job Location to any post by using specified shortcode.
  • Add Job Type to any post by using specified shortcode.
  • Add a combination of multiple shortcodes for a job listing.
  • Use the Anti-hotlinking option to enhance the security of your documents.
  • Upload documents in various extensions.
  • View Applicants’ list who applied for a particular job.
  • Set job listing, job features, application form, filters and email notifications for a job through global settings.
  • Compatible with WPML since SJB version 2.9.0

Can you contribute?

If you are an awesome contributor for translations or plugin development, please contact us at ’


  • International Telephone Input(
  • Google Fonts(
  • jQuery UI(
  • WP Color Picker Alpha(
  • Create Guten Block by Ahmad Awais(

Configurations & Templating

Follow the following steps for a fully functional Job Board:

  1. After installation, go to “Job Board” menu in the admin panel, and add a new job listing.
  2. Add multiple job features and a fully customized application form right from the job listing editor.
  3. To list all the job listings and start receiving applications, add [jobpost] shortcode in an existing page or add a new page and write shortcode anywhere in the page editor.
  4. After someone fills an application form from the front-end, you will receive it right in the dashboard.
  5. You can add special notes to an application by opening its detail page.

Job Board Templating

The job board templating feature allows you to change the following file templates. We are providing two UI layouts named as Classical and Modern.

  1. For modifying classical layout templates, please refer to v1 directory.
  2. For modifying modern layout templates, please refer to v2 directory.
  • content-job-listing-grid-view.php
  • content-job-listing-list-view.php
  • content-single-job-listing.php
  • single-jobpost.php
  • archive-jobpost.php
  • job-filters.php
  • search/keyword-search.php
  • search/category-filter.php
  • search/location-filter.php
  • search/type-filter.php
  • search/search-btn.php
  • listing/content-no-jobs-found.php
  • listing/listing-wrapper-start.php
  • listing/listing-wrapper-end.php
  • listing/job-listings-start.php
  • listing/job-listings-end.php
  • listing/job-pagination.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/company.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/job-title-company.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/location.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/logo.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/posted-date.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/short-description.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/title.php
  • listing/grid-view or list-view/type.php
  • single-jobpost/job-application.php
  • single-jobpost/job-features.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/company-logo.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/company-name.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/company-tagline.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/job-location.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/job-posted-date.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/job-title.php
  • single-jobpost/job-meta/job-type.php
  • widget/job-widget-start.php
  • widget/job-widget-end.php
  • widget/content-recent-jobs-widget.php
  1. To change a template, please add “simple_job_board” folder in your activated theme’s root directory.
  2. Add above mentioned file from plugin simple-job-board >templates folder keeping the same file directory structure and do whatever you want.

Enjoy your work with Simple Job Board templating.


  • Job Board Creation: Classical Layout - Allow users to create a Job Board with ease by using a shortcode.
  • Job Board Creation: Modern Layout - Allow users to create a Job Board with icon based job features.
  • Job Categories - Categorize your similar jobs under a group of categories with the help of a shortcode.
  • Job Type - This allows users to specify the type of jobs you offer to them.
  • Job Location - Let your users create jobs according to a certain demographic location.
  • List of Applicants - You can get all the applicants applied for jobs over here, by clicking each of applicant you can get further details and download the resume.
  • Application Notes - This section helps site administrators to add additional notes to received Resumes.
  • General - Allow users to change the slug of custom post types and taxonomy.
  • Appearance - Let your users change view & typography of job listing on front-end.
  • Job Features - Allow your users to add their own set of features to a job listing or a single job post.
  • Application Form Fields - This will help in creating customized job form.
  • Filters - Give your users complete control over job listing filters.
  • Email Notifications - This section will enable various notification options for users.
  • File Extensions - Upload Documents with various extensions along with document security.
  • Privacy - Set privacy policy and terms & conditions text for your job.
  • Classical Job Listing List View - Classical layout of job listing list view.
  • Classical Job Listing Grid View - Classical layout of job listing grid view.
  • Classical Job details page - Job board detail/single page. Job features and job application form is placed on it.
  • Modern Job Listing List View - Modified layout of job listing list view.
  • Modern Job Listing Grid View - Modified layout of job listing grid view.
  • Modern Job details page - Modified layout of Job board detail/single page. Icon based job features are placed on it.


This plugin provides 1 block.

  • SJB Listing


  1. Download plugin.
  2. Upload to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory to your web server.
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Add a standard WordPress page or post and use the [jobpost] shortcode in the editor to make it a Job Board.


How to show job listings on the front-end?

To list all the job listings and start receiving applications, add [jobpost] shortcode in an existing page or add a new page and write shortcode anywhere in the page editor.

Job Page Expands Across Entire Page

It’s container class naming is’sue. We can’t set all websites container classes because every website has its own CSS and naming conventions.

So, we are giving the facility to Job Board’s users for adding container class or Id under Settings> Appearance tab. Please add your website container class in “Job Board Container Class:” under Job Board> Settings> Appearance tab.

Where can I assign global settings for same job posts?

You can assign global job listing settings to each job post through settings.

How can I add company information for a job post?

Once you are in new job page, you can add company information in job data section.

Can I upload a re’sume with different extensions?

Yes, you can upload a re’sume document with .pdf, .odt, .txt, .rtf, .doc, .docx extensions from the settings page.

Can I show only 5 latest jobs on front-end with pagination?

Yes, you can show any number of posts on your website with pagination feature by using shortcode with “posts” attribute i.e. [jobpost posts=”5″]

Can I show job listings for particular “Category” using a shortcode?

Yes, you can use a shortcode on post page i.e. [jobpost category=”category-slug”]

Can I show job listings for particular “Type” using a shortcode?

Yes, you can use a shortcode on post page i.e. [jobpost type=”type-slug”]

Can I show job listings for particular “Location” using a shortcode?

Yes, you can use a shortcode on post page i.e. [jobpost location=”location-slug”]

Can I use combination for various shortcodes to display job listings?

Yes, you can use various combinations of shortcodes with spaces i.e. [jobpost location=”location-slug” category=”category-slug” type=”type-slug”]

How Can I view the Applicant list for a Job Post?

In your WordPress admin panel, go to “Job Board” menu and “Applicants” section

Where can I find more information about Simple Job Board?

You can visit PressTigers Website or blog page.


Zenâr 11, 2023
Developer responded to a query very quickly and resolved the issue. For a free plug-in this is excellent
Jugn 9, 2022
This team provides incredible support, especially for a free plugin. They were able to help me quickly fix some minor issues I had on my site when implementing the plugin.
Mai 12, 2022
Our first choice for job postings. When we had a problem, the support helped us very quickly and courteously. Clear recommendation!
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Contributors & Developers

“Simple Job Board” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


“Simple Job Board” has been translated into 10 locales. Thank you to the translators for their contributions.

Translate “Simple Job Board” into your language.

Interested in development?

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  • Fix – Resolved CSRF security is’sue.
  • Fix – Resolved Font Awesome icons is’sue with V5 library.


  • Fix – Fixed the Font Awesome V5 icons is’sue with search icons and bullets.
  • Fix – Fixed the “Apply Now”, “Read More” & “Quick View” buttons disappearing is’sue on job listing page.


  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where re’sume files were not uploading.


  • Feature – Added feature to set re’sume attachment maximum size.
  • Feature – Added a feature to make email and phone number fields hyperlink.
  • Feature – Added feature to clear job search re’sults.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where loader stuck on infinite loop while uploading large files.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where date format wasn’t selected by default.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where job application and feature fields were unable to delete on post edit page.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where few settings fields were unable to be saved when empty.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where quick apply, read more and apply now text doesn’t fetched properly.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where no jobs found image were not loading for after design templating.


  • Feature – Added feature to quick apply for the job right away from the job listing page.
  • Feature – Added new dashboard widget to display quick stats of the plugin.
  • Feature – Added feature to allow users to set custom date format for job listings.
  • Feature – Added option in settings to update “Job Archive” page title.
  • Tweak – Revamped the “No job found” design.
  • Tweak – Made the columns of the table of All Jobs and Applicants sortable.
  • Tweak – Changed the position of the job ’submit button from left to the right side of the form.
  • Tweak – Enhanced upload file naming mechanism to improve security.
  • Fix – Resolved the authenticated directory traversal is’sue for NGINX and IIS servers.
  • Fix – Fixed the “Read More” or “Apply Now” buttons layout is’sue with Safari browser.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where google fonts remain enables even SJB fonts option in settings is disabled.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where icons are not visible due to the conflict between FontAwesome 4 and 5 libraries.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where job features appears twice when job detail page is designed through the Elementor.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where on multilingual site the listed jobs redirected to the site home URL instead on the job detail page.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where HTML tags were not working on the applicant detail page.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where jobs of any status were visible on the Job Archive page. Now only published jobs will be listed.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where quick download icon always visible under the Action column even no job re’sume is attached.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where in grid view the jobs layout is disturbed.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where the array is fetched instead of the icon value on job detail and job features settings.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where wrong translation were added for “Send” in dutch.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where read more button doesn’t appear on the mobile view..
  • Fix – Removed the isolated code and files from the package.


  • Feature – Made it compatible with WordPress Multisite Network.
  • Feature – Added feature to search application by searching input fields values.
  • Tweak – Added ’support for “class” attribute for tag.
  • Tweak – Updated international telephone numbers library to ’support more country numbers and dial codes.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where application features and application forms were not editable after addition.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where when new application features and application forms are added the selected field type reverted back to default “Section Heading”.
  • Fix – Secured the input/output values in Simple Job Board.
  • Fix – Added server side error handling to prevent loader from stucking in infinite loop.
  • Fix – Fixed the is’sue where HTML tags are not working for privacy policy or terms and condition.
  • Fix – Fixed the pagination layout is’sue on mobile view.


  • Feature – Added “Action” column on application listing page and displayed an option to download re’sume.
  • Fix – Fixed Cross-site scripting security vulnerability in SJB.
  • Fix – Fixed layout is’sue of “Privacy Policy” settings.
  • Fix – Added ’support for
    tag for wp editor.
  • Fix – Resolved the is’sue where applications fields required option and field name can’t be altered after addition.
  • Fix – Resolved the is’sue where admin is unable to un-check “Expose in Applicant Listing” after clicks on “Add Field” button on settings and wizard page.
  • Fix – Fixed layout is’sue of search bar and button when only search filter is enabled.
  • Fix – Resolved the is’sue where color appearance settings doesn’t take effect on Search and Browse button.
  • Fix – Resolved the textual mistake that was confusing company detail with job detail in “Job Listing Contents” under appearance tab in settings.
  • Fix – Resolved the is’sue where user is not redirected to file using re’sume link when logged out.
  • Fix – Fixed the textual mistake of “application” in the privacy tab in settings.
  • Fix – Resolved the is’sue where loader gif does not load without uploading again.


  • Fix – Resolved the authenticated directory traversal is’sue.
  • Tweak – Applied filter to change the re’sume download capability for a user role.
  • Fix – Added search filter parameters to job & archive query filter.
  • Fix – Resolved the Typo is’sues.


  • Fix – Resolved the job application & features saving is’sue in case of new job.
  • Tweak – Applied hooks to applicant email headers.


  • Feature – Added Galician language translation.
  • Tweak – Updated .pot file with new added string.
  • Fix – Reverted changes for Job Features and Application Form Field.
  • Fix – Resolved the “Read More” button html structure is’sue.
  • Fix – Removed the duplicate action hook from Settings> Appearance tab.


  • Fix – Fixed the widget is’sue.
  • Fix – Fixed the “Read More” button is’sue on Classic layout.


  • Feature – Implemented new UI for SJB listing and detail pages.
  • Feature – Added WPML plugin compatibility.
  • Feature – Added Wizard for the global configuration of the Job Board.
  • Feature – Revamped the whole Settings UI.
  • Feature – Added icon based featured listing for Modern layout.
  • Feature – Added mechanism to select the settings’ job features from backend job detail page.
  • Feature – Added mechanism to select the settings’ job application form from backend job detail page.
  • Tweak – Added new French translation strings.
  • Fix – Removed the double serialization from whole SJB code.
  • Fix – Fixed the pagination conflict with search query.


  • Fix – Removed the font-awesome that was include twice.
  • Fix – Resolved the checkbox and radio buttons is’sue after WP 5.5
  • Fix – Resolved the data sanitization is’sue in case of privacy policy and term and condition settings.
  • Fix – Added missing hook in job archive page.


  • Fix – Fixed the Gutenberg block is’sue with WP 5.5
  • Fix – Resolved the jQuery conflicts with WP 5.5
  • Fix – Resolved the pagination is’sue with WP 5.5
  • Tweak – Updated .pot file with missing strings.


  • Tweak – Added compatibility for WordPress 5.5


  • Feature – Added Gutenberg Block for Job Listing
  • Feature – Added layout attribute in SJB shortcode to manage the layout independently.
  • Tweak – Removed List View Settings Section from the SJB Appearance Tab.
  • Dev Note – Removed ‘sjb_job_listing_view’ hook after introducing Layout attributes in shortcode & block.
  • Fix – Fixed SJB Shortcode Inserter is’sue in Gutenberg Classic Editor Block6


  • Fix – Resolved the SJB styling is’sue in case of theme layout settings.


  • Fix – Resolved the SJB add-ons page 404 error.
  • Dev Notes – Removed the unused template files single-job-wrapper-start.php & single-job-wrapper-end.php from simple-job-board/templates/single-jobpost directory.


  • Fixed the compatibility is’sues with PHP 7.3
  • Fix – Fixed the wrapping is’sue in Admin Script to avoid from conflict.


  • Fix – Fixed the job application HTML is’sue.


  • Feature – Added heading sections on job application form fields.
  • Feature – Revamped the job application HTML design.
  • Feature – Added HTML ’support to Privacy and Term & Condition content section.
  • Feature – Added loader image and settings for it.
  • Tweak – Removed the ’submitting text and added loader image there.
  • Dev Note – Added hooks to job exported and erased data.
  • Dev Note – Added hook to applicant email.
  • Fix – Display [deleted] re’sume error message in case of deletion.
  • Fix – Resolved applicant email is’sue.
  • Fix – Updated re’sume post meta in case of data eraser.


  • Feature – Compliance job board plugin according to GDPR rules & regulation.
  • Feature – Integrated application data export with WP core export tool.
  • Feature – Integrated & erased application data and re’sume with WP core eraser tool.
  • Feature – Added Privacy settings tab for privacy policy and term & condition on the job application.
  • Feature – Set REST API parameters to enable Gutenberg editor functionality.
  • Fix – Fixed the email sending is’sues regarding the email field.
  • Fix – Resolved the empty HR/Admin emails is’sue in case of email notification settings.


Feature – Added ’support for theme compatible HTML structure for job detail page.
Feature – Setting for the switching the job detail page layout to theme/sjb provided layout under Appearance tab.
Feature – Added job title dropdown to filter applications on the basis of job title.
Feature – Added “View Applications” link to get all applicants against each job on the admin job listing page.
Feature – Added statuses for the job application.
Tweak – Made admin email address field editable.
Tweak – Added action hooks for job features and application form fields sections.
Fix – Fixed the archive page search is’sue in case of no job found.
Fix – Resolved the required email asterisk is’sue.
Fix – Increase the year range of datepicker for utilizing it for DOB.
Fix – Resolved the backend styling conflicts of SJB plguin with other plugins.
Fix – Encoded email ’subject title.
Fix – Displayed default company logo on job detail page when no settings option is selected from the backend.
Note – Updated missing strings for French translations.


WP 4.9 Compatibility – Resolved the color picker is’sue in settings’s appearance tab.
Fix – Resolved the container class uppercase naming is’sue.
Fix – Added missing parameters for archive page pagination template.
Fix – Fixed the SSL certification is’sues for telinput.


Fix – Resolved the re’sume downloading is’sue.
Fix – Fixed the job application form builder is’sue with multilingual characters.
Fix – Added website Home URL instead of WordPress Site Address in email template.
Tweak – Revised French translation.
Tweak – Added post id as a parameter in the filter hooks of email notification templates for developers.
Tweak – Breakdown the HR, Amin and Applicant notification templates into modules for developers usage to make customizations easy.
Tweak – Introduced new filters in email notification templates.


  • Feature – Added translations for Serbian and Swedish.
  • Tweak – Modified the job posted date templates for making it easily customizable for developers.
  • Fix – Resolved the “File not found.” error while using theme and plugin editor.
  • Fix – Verified the user authentication before downloading a re’sume.
  • Fix – Fixed reflected XSS attack is’sues in case of keyword search.
  • Fix – Removed the duplicate arrows of job filters’ selects in Internet Explorer.


  • Feature – Translated email templates for Dutch( Nederlands ).
  • Feature – Added a widget for displaying recent jobs.
  • Feature – Enable/Disable SJB plugin fonts from Appearance settings.
  • Tweak – Improved the uploaded files(re’sume) security by restricting file’s direct link access.
  • Fix – Resolved the CSS conflicts.
  • Fix – Resolved the long pagination display is’sue.
  • Fix – Added missing datepicker scroll arrows.
  • Fix – Dimmed color for phone number placeholder.
  • Note – Updated .pot file.


  • Fix – Resolved the job listing & detail page layout is’sues.
  • Fix – Fixed the job listing page layout problem with the content of WP page/post editor.


  • Fix – Fixed the fatal errors in Settings sections.


  • Feature – Added email notification From & Reply-to parameters.
  • Tweak – Revised the whole HTML structure.
  • Tweak – Revised French translation.
  • Fix – Resolved the search filters is’sue with custom permalinks structure.
  • Fix/Tweak – Resolved applicant name is’sue with multilingual by providing a solution with an additional field on SJB form builder( Expose in Applicant Listing ).
  • Fix – Resolved cross-browser compatibility is’sue for datepicker.
  • Fix – Improved user experience on company logo & details hide/show for both job listing & detail pages.
  • Note – Updated .pot file.
  • Note – Improved plugin security.


  • Feature – Added label editable feature to job features and application form sections.
  • Feature – Logo enable/disable settings for job detail page.
  • Note – Added SJB add-ons listing section.
  • Tweak – Applied more filters for email notifications setting.
  • Fix – Resolved the job feature label auto capitalization problem.


  • Fix – Resolved appearance settings is’sue.
  • Fix – Resolved CSS float property is’sue.


  • Feature – Introduced plugin level templating.
  • Feature – Added ’support for RTL languages.
  • Feature – Added translation for Dutch.
  • Feature – Added more filters for email notifications.
  • Tweak – Resolved permalinks reset is’sue on plugin activation.
  • Tweak – Revised notification templates for Applicant, Admin, and HR.
  • Tweak – Revised Job Board CSS for optimized typography.
  • Tweak – Optimized validation for re’sume upload.
  • Fix – Resolved cross-browser compatibility is’sue for admin field types dropdown.
  • Fix – Resolved required validation is’sue of multiple checkboxes.
  • Fix – Resolved the application form label auto capitalization problem.


  • Fix – Resolved the pagination is’sue with the job search.
  • Fix – Resolved the required field validation is’sue in case of radio button and checkbox.
  • Tweak – Revised the uploaded re’sume validation.
  • Tweak – Added complete field types dropdown in application form’s settings.
  • Tweak – Added pagination as the default behavior of job listing.


  • Feature – Added “sjb_applicant_details_notification” filter in email template.
  • Feature – Added “sjb_category_filter_dropdown_after” & “sjb_job_type_filter_dropdown_after” action hooks in job filter template.
  • Feature – Made compatible with other plugin’s shortcode in job editor.
  • Feature – Job listing and detail page typography settings under Appearance tab.
  • Feature – Added translation for Chinese.
  • Feature – Added Job Board shortcode gener’ator in TinyMCE editor.
  • Tweak – Updated anti-hotlinking rules for more specific to job board uploaded data.
  • Tweak – Set phone input default country flag to user’s country based on their IP address.
  • Tweak – Revised the job detail page template parts directory structure.
  • Fix – Resolved the Job board CSS conflicting is’sue with phone field country flag listing.
  • Fix – Resolved the uploaded file path and URL is’sues.
  • Fix – Resolved the company logo uploading is’sue on WP admin job detail page.
  • Fix – Resolved the HTML structure breaking is’sue.
  • Fix – Resolved checkboxes missing data is’sue on applicant detail page.


  • Fix – Resolved the single-jobpost.php templating is’sue.
  • Feature – Added Settings for job board templates container class and id.


  • Fix – Resolved the website sidebar break is’sue.
  • Fix – Resolved the CSS conflict is’sue.
  • Fix – Loaded the job board resources(CSS & JavaScript) only to job board pages.
  • Fix – Updated missing translations in Arabic, French, Italian,Russian and Portuguese languages.
  • Fix – Added missing Hooks and Filters.