Top Bar – PopUps – by WPOptin


Top bar, PopUp, slide in and welcome mat made easy by WPOptin plugin. The easiest and beginner friendly optin plugin to grow email subscribers list, sell more, collect more phone numbers, increase social traffic and get more leads faster than ever.

If you’re growing your business, generating leads and making more sales is essential. Do you have the right tool for this? Don’t worry, WPOptin is here to help you make more sales, get more subscribers and go viral on social media.

Sales and offers
Click to call
Annoucments – For example Corona Update
Social traffic
WooCommerce Products

“This is perfect for the announcement bar on my website. I wasn’t sure how to disable the fixed position, so I posted in the support forum and the developer replied really quickly with the custom CSS code I needed to it.Thank you!”


  • Goals – Well, you have a specific goal in your mind. Right? This plugin makes it easy to achieve that goal. With this plugin you can achieve following goals (but not only):
    • Optin – Convert visitors into subscribers by using optin forms.
    • Click to Call – Display a prominent click to call button to get more calls for reservations, appointments, bookings and leads.
    • Offer bar – Promote special offers and holiday sales.
    • Announcements – Got something to announce? Display important updates, announcements and news of your site with ease.
    • Social traffic – increase social traffic by displaying Facebook like buttons or a Facebook fan page.
    • Custom campaign – Not sure? Use our custom module according to your requirements and display anything.
    • WooCommerce Products – Effortlessly showcase your products with our WooCommerce Products module, designed to enhance the visual appeal and promotional flexibility of your online store.
    • More – Coming soon for example Cookies consent.
  • Types:
    • PopUp – A pop up or modal window in the center of your site. Very popular and very effective. Alternately also called lightbox.
    • Bar – A scrolling bar at the top of your site to increase conversion.
    • Slide In – Alternative to PopUp and less distracting but still highly converting slide in box in the corner of your site.
    • Welcome Mat – A full site screen take over with your selected goal which can’t be ignored.
    • More – Coming soon.
  • Triggers:
    • Exit Intent – Track the user behaviour and display your message before the user leaves your site.
    • Time base triggers – Set a smart trigger for example display immediately or after some time to grab the attention of your audience at the right time.
    • Scroll – Display your campaign after 75% of the page is scrolled or a specific section of the page is reached.
    • Click – Display your campaign on click of a button or link.
  • Customize – Fully customize colors, borders and button styles to match with your site look and feel with WordPress customizer in real time (yes, no more guessing).
  • Personalize campaign – Personalize each field of the form, button, description, success and failure messages.
  • Integrates with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi, MailPoet, and ability to create multiple accounts to manage email subscribers in each brand and list separately.
  • Facebook like box – Display Facebook likely or like button in PopUp or top bar to get more page likes and increase followers.
  • Responsive – Fully responsive and compatible with mobile and all devices.
  • Manage accounts – ability to create multiple accounts to add subscribers separately. Good if you are handling multiple subscription accounts

Premium features

  • Analytics and insights – Make data-driven decisions by using analytics statistics and insights to improve strategy and grow even faster.
  • Timer – Display count down timer to increase conversion by 10X by creating fear of missing out.
  • A/B testing – Test different ideas to display targetted campagin to increase conversion
  • Views and conversion counter – Keep an eye on realtime views and conversion right in the dashboard of your optins.
  • Inline HTML and Shortcode – Add any form HTML to embed third party forms or shortcode inside the content area in the custom goal type.
  • Coupon – Display spcialy designed coupon field to highlight coupon code and sell more.
  • Smart like option – Use smart like feature so your users can like the current page they are on to get more likes of pages and posts

“Perfect plugin, brilliantly adaptable..really easy to change the styling to match your site. This plugin works like a charm.
Highly Recommended!”

Over 70% of the visitors find the site, stay for a while, leave and never return back. Generate an email list or collect phone numbers so you can get those users back by sending emails whenever you write an informative post, share ideas, promote products, deals offering and you know the rest 😉

Benefits of using WPOptin plugin

Collect emails

Display optin form to collect emails to grow your subscribers list by 10x using non-intrusive top bar on your site.

Get Phone Calls

Display call now button to get collect phone numbers and get leads at the top of your site using top bar.

Sales, promotions and discount offers

Promote the special offers on sales occasions like HalloWeen or New Year by giving discounts and perks. Plus add a countdown timer to increase the conversion.


Display important announcements and latest news on your site to keep your users aware and engage.

Social Traffic

Get 10x more likes for site page, current page or Facebook fan page by displaying the Facebook like button or like box (page plugin).

What makes this different?

This has the simplest UI, goals based flow to keep you on track, and achieve the goal faster than every. A customizer compatible to allow you customize the layout and look and feel without guessing in real time. Something I take pride to introduce in the plugin by first introducing in our Floating Links plugin. Yes, you might have seen it in themes but not in plugin.

Want to share an important announcement with your visitors?

You can use this plugin to share an update about latest corona virus pandemic. For example let them know that due to COVI-19 you are operating your business from home.


The days long passed when having a site was enough. Now, you need the right tool to attract, engage and convert your visitors into loyal subscribers and profitable customrers.

That’s why I developed WPOptin, the simplest, most beginner-friendly yet powerful plugin for WordPress to capture leads, subscribers, phone calls, sell more and increase social traffic with like button. By the same author of the most popular Easy Social Feed plugin with over 100,000+ active install and overall 5 star rating to add like box and display custom feed from Facebook and Instagram.

I have worked on this plugin for two years to make it beginner friendly and divided modules into goals so you can set goals and achieve those. Yes, I know it is yet not perfect but it’s an open source and any feedback, suggestions and contribution is more than welcome.

Thank you

Sajid Javed


  • Collect Emails in Lightbox Popup.
  • Sales, promotions and discount offers in Lightbox Popup.
  • Facebook Likebox/Page plugin in Lightbox Popup.
  • Phone calls in Lightbox Popup.
  • Announcement in Lightbox Popup.
  • Custom module in Lightbox Popup.
  • Collect Emails in bar.
  • Change design in live preview.
  • Sales, promotions and discount offers in bar.
  • Phone calls in bar.
  • Simple announcement bar.
  • Social like button.
  • Total Analytics data.
  • Views and conversion per day in graph.
  • Select any goal.
  • How you want to display?
  • Optin service provide integration
  • Optin content
  • Phone calls content
  • Sales, promotions and discount offers content
  • Social traffic content
  • Advanced display conditions
  • User status conditions
  • Advanced triggers options
  • Customise design settings in live preview
  • Announcement content
  • Custom module content with rich editor
  • Accounts management


Can I change colors and style it to match with my site look and feel?

Absolutely, I have included live customizer support to match the campaigns design according to your site look and feeling live. Yes, no more guessing. I even went above and added border settings to create unique designs of the campaigns with a very nice border touch.

Can I integrate with third party services like MailChimp?

Yes, you can display an optin form using MailChimp integration. There are more integrations available like Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi and MailPoet.

Can I display a click to call button?

Yes, it has a golad to get more calls and be fully responsive. Works perfectly on mobile and dials the number by clicking the button.

Exit-Intent feature included in free?

Yes, I take pride in giving the Exit-Intent feature in the plugin for free. Now, capture the leads and attention before the leave and turn never returning visitors into loyal subscribers.

Analytics are included in the free version?

No, detailed analytics including views, conversion and percentage is included in the premium version of the plugin.

A/B testing is included in the free version?

No, A/B testing is included in the premium version of the plugin.

CountDown timer is included in the free version?

No, CountDown timer is included in the premium version of the plugin to get even more subscribers and make more sales by adding a countdown timer to create fear of missing out.

Is it the best alternative to OptinMonster?

Yes, it is indeed the best alternative available on repository with free features of Exit-Intent, conditions and number of types like PopUp, SlideIn, Bar and Welcome Mat (more coming soon). Above, it has clean code, attractive design, free to install and no need to connect with third party services.

Is it GDPR compliant?

Yes, it is fully compliant with GDPR. Visitors know what they are doing and also provide handy tools for the site owners to make the process more transparent and legal.

Can I create goals/campaigns of any type?

Absolutely, you can use any type for example PopUp, Bar, SlideIn and Welcome mat with any of your goals like Optin, Sales, Click to Call, Social, announcement and even for the custom campaign.

Coupon code is included in the free version?

No, custom coupon code style perfectly is only available in the premium plan.


2 di Mai dal 2024
This must be a scam. You can not contact anyone and they are debiting my account every month. I made payment and they did not unlock premium and I have contacted them 10 times from my site and from their website and each time the mail comes back and it says it can not be delivered. So if the owners of this plugin sees this rating talk with me because I am starting to think my bank card info is in hot water. Every time I try to contact their billing I get this message: There was an error trying to send your message. Please try again later.
25 di Fevrâr dal 2020 1 reply
Perfect plugin, brilliantly adaptable..really easy to change the styling to match your site. This plugin works like a charm. Highly Recommended!
17 di Fevrâr dal 2020
This is perfect for the announcement bar on my website. I wasn’t sure how to disable the fixed position, so I posted in the support forum and the developer replied really quickly with the custom CSS code I needed to it. Thank you!
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Contributors & Developers

“Top Bar – PopUps – by WPOptin” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Added: WooCommerce integration for all goals
  • Fixed: Cleared warnings


  • Added: Added: French, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese languages support.
  • Fixed: Cleared warnings
  • Fixed: Horizontal scroll issue


  • Fixed: Timer issue
  • Fixed: Cleared warnings
  • Updated: Freemius version


  • Fixed: CSS conflict with Elementor
  • Fixed: Minor issue


  • Updated: Freemius SDK


  • Fixed: Customizer styling not applying
  • Fixed: Some warnings


  • Updated: Freemius SDK
  • Tested: Upto WP v6.2
  • Fixed: Critical fatal errors


  • Updated: Freemius SDK
  • Tested: Upto WP v5.9
  • Fixed: Minor issue


  • Fixed: Exit intent popup button redirect issue
  • Fixed: Timer Colors not updating issue
  • Fixed: Optins get disabled on save issue
  • Fixed: Button colors not updating in customizer issue
  • Added: Limited time discount offer


  • Tested: Upto WP v5.8
  • Fixed: Minor issues


  • Tested: Upto WP v5.7
  • Fixed: Minor issues
  • Updated: Freemius version


  • Added: Dynamic FOMO countdown
  • Added: More SlideIn positions
  • Added: Bar bottom position
  • Added: Save as draft by default
  • Fixed: Multiple timer in same page conflict issue
  • Tested: Upto WP v5.6


  • Added: Sticky/Non-sticky bar option
  • Fixed: Design tab disable issue on optin service provider integration
  • Fixed: Minor issues


  • Added: Dynamic css file for customizer changes
  • Added: Feeling lost box for each goal
  • Tested: Upto version 5.5


  • Added: Background Image option
  • Added: Timer in option
  • Added: Countries list in phone calls module
  • Added: Hide timer title option
  • Fixed: Default bar height
  • Fixed: Some minor issues and optimization


  • Added: Ability to select the timer time
  • Added: Auto deactivate the offer bar when timer ends
  • Fixed: Disabled triggers in customizer
  • Fixed: Welcome Mat and Popup opacity issue
  • Fixed: Active status in customizer
  • Fixed: SlideIn close button always visible
  • Fixed: Don’t hide when closed in customiser


  • Added: Welcome Mat type.
  • Added: Slide In type.
  • Added: wpop_exclude_on filter to hide on specific pages/posts.
  • Fixed: Popup button click act as never show again.


  • Added: Campaign Monitor, Constant Contact, Mad Mimi and MailPoet integrations for optin.
  • Added: Overriding templates with themes file feature.
  • Added: Hooks and filters to completely customise everything without changing the core files.
  • Fixed: Minor layout issues


  • Added: Advanced conditions and image feature
  • Fixed: Minor issues


  • Added: Lightbox popup
  • Added: Image feature
  • Added: Facebook Likebox/Page Plugin
  • Fixed: Minor issues