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WPS Cleaner vous permet de nettoyer intégralement votre site WordPress. Vous avez pour cela 2 méthodes : Nettoyage en un clic ou nettoyage au cas par cas.

Le plugin WPS Cleaner vous permet de nettoyer : posts, commentaire, terms, options, extensions, thèmes, médias et fichiers. Chacun disposant de son propre onglet et de ses options de nettoyage.

Voici les fonctions proposées :

  1. Pour les articles :

* Nettoyer les révisions
* Nettoyer les brouillons automatiques
* Nettoyer les articles supprimés
* Nettoyer les métadonnées orphelines
* Nettoyer les métadonnées dupliquées
* Nettoyer les oEmbed dans les métadonnées des articles

  1. Pour les commentaires

* Nettoyer les commentaires en attente de modération
* Nettoyer les commentaires indésirables
* Nettoyer les commentaires supprimés
* Nettoyer les métadonnées orphelines
* Nettoyer les métadonnées dupliquées

  1. Pour les utilisateurs

* Nettoyer les métadonnées orphelines
* Nettoyer les métadonnées dupliquées

  1. Pour les options

* Nettoyer les options de transient
* Nettoyer les options de cron

  1. Pour les termes

* Nettoyer les métadonnées orphelines
* Nettoyer les métadonnées dupliquées
* Nettoyer le relations orphelines

  1. Pour les extensions

* Nettoyer les extensions inutilisées
* Nettoyer les logs de l’extension Redirection si elle est installée
* Nettoyer les logs de 404 de l’extension Redirection si elle est installée
* Nettoyer les logs de l’extension Zerospam si elle est installée
* Nettoyer les données de l’extension Woocommerce si elle est installée

  1. Pour les thèmes

* Nettoyer les thèmes inutilisés

  1. Pour la base de données

* Affiche toutes les tables, ainsi que leur poids et le nombre d’enregistrements

  1. Pour les médias

* Affiche le nombre de médias dans le WordPress ainsi que le poids total
* Affiche les médias qui semblent être inutilisés dans le contenu d’un article, d’une page, de tout type de contenu, l’image à la une, l’icône du site, le widget Image et Galerie, Woocommerce, DIVI Builder, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer et Elementor
* Télécharger une sauvegarde des médias non utilisés
* Supprimer les médias inutilisés un par un ou en masse

  1. Pour les fichiers

* Affiche les fichiers et dossiers à la racine du WordPress
* Supprimer les fichiers et dossiers non natifs à WordPress

Aucune de nos extensions n’exploite les données des sites où elles sont installées.

Pour en savoir plus lisez l’article suivant : https://wpformation.com/wps-cleaner

Ce plugin vous est gentiment proposé par WPServeur, l’ hébergeur spécialisé WordPress.

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Ce plugin est seulement maintenu, ce qui signifie que nous ne garantissons pas un support gratuit. Envisagez de signaler un problème et soyez patient.


WPS Cleaner allows you to completely clean your WordPress site. You have 2 methods for this: Cleaning with one click or cleaning on a case by case basis.

The WPS Cleaner plugin allows you to clean: posts, comment, terms, options, extensions, themes, media and files. Each with its own tab and cleaning options.

Here are all the included features:

  1. For articles :

* Clean revisions
* Clean automatic drafts
* Clean deleted posts
* Clean orphaned metadata
* Clean duplicated metadata
* Clean oEmbed in post metadata

  1. For comments

* Clean comments waiting for moderation
* Clean unwanted comments
* Clean deleted comments
* Clean orphaned metadata
* Clean duplicated metadata

  1. For users

* Clean orphaned metadata
* Clean duplicated metadata

  1. For options

* Clean transient options
* Clean cron options

  1. For terms

* Clean orphaned metadata
* Clean duplicated metadata
* Cleaning orphaned relationships

  1. For plugins

* Clean unused plugins
* Clean the logs of the Redirection plugin if it’s installed
* Clean the 404 logs of the Redirection plugin if it’s installed
* Clean the logs of the Zerospam plugin if it’s installed
* Clean data of the Woocommerce plugin if it is installed

  1. For themes

* Clean unused themes

  1. For the database

* Displays all tables, as well as their weight and the number of records

  1. For the medias

* Displays the number of medias in WordPress as well as the total weight
* Displays medias that appear unused in a post’s content, front page image, site icon, Image and Gallery widget, Woocommerce, DIVI Builder, Beaver Builder, Visual Composer and Elementor
* Download a backup of unused medias
* Delete unused medias one by one or in bulk

  1. For files

* Displays files and folders at the root of WordPress
* Delete non-native WordPress files and folders

None of our extensions exploit data from the sites where they are installed.

To learn more read the following article: https://wpformation.com/wps-cleaner

This plugin is kindly proposed by WPServeur the specialized WordPress web host.

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This plugin is only maintained, which means we do not guarantee free support. Consider reporting a problem and be patient.


  • Cleaning posts
  • Cleaning comments
  • Cleaning users
  • Cleaning options
  • Cleaning terms
  • Cleaning plugins/themes
  • Cleaning medias
  • Cleaning files



  1. Aller dans Extensions › Ajouter.
  2. Rechercher WPS Cleaner.
  3. Recherchez ce plugin, téléchargez-le et activez-le.


  1. Go to Plugins › Add New.
  2. Search for WPS Cleaner.
  3. Look for this plugin, download and activate it.


13 di Zenâr dal 2023
Useful and handy plugin. Good layout.Thank you!
4 di Zenâr dal 2022
Installed an activated it, but cannot get past the "`This tool offers many cleaning options for your WordPress site, it is safe, however you must be aware that any cleaning operation is definitive! So, to avoid any worries, check that you have a backup of your site before using this tool." notice, no matter how many times I click the "OK it's noted !" button. As result, it's absolutely useless.
5 di Otubar dal 2021
This plugin works great. It is fast and you can download the media files before deletion, just in case you need them later.
3 di Setembar dal 2021
I installed this plugin to help me find unused medias. But all my medias are found as "unused" so it doesn't work as it should.
23 di Avost dal 2021
Searches for media then lets you download unused ones but not delete them from. library, pointless.
20 di Lui dal 2021
I have 777 images in my media gallery and this plugin detected 777 images as not in use... Not a single image! How does that happen? Most of these are images are woocommerce product images. Your plugin is supposed to be woocommerce observant, so tell me how does that happen that it did detect any my product images as being in use? My elementor page images were considered as unused, and your plugin is supposed to be observant to images used within elementor? That is some serious poor testing imo. This plugin should not be rated so high. UX is very poor. You should be able to do a search within the results of content returned by your plugin. One of worst plugins I've tested to date.
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  • Tested up to 6.3


  • Tested up to 6.0


  • Tested up to 5.9


  • Change reccurence cron wps_cleaner_indexation_medias one minute to hourly


  • Tested up to 5.8


  • Fix conflict with polylang terms


  • Tested up to 5.7


  • Fix fatal error with vendor wp-dismissible-notices-handler and wp-review-me


  • Remove redirection logs and redirection 404


  • Fix autoload vendor


  • Tested up to 5.6
  • Add compatibility with PHP8


  • Add cleaning options cron


  • Tested up to 5.4


  • Fix : Delete logs plugin Redirection


  • Fix : Security vulnerabilities (Thanks @juliobox)


  • Tested up to 5.2


  • Fix : remove the tables from the plugin to uninstall


  • Fix : Warning “Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in classes/index.php on line 315


  • Fix : Remove message review if PHP is too old


  • Enhancement code with composer, autoload and namespace


  • Improved indexing of the media “unuse”
  • Add compat with Visual Composer in medias “unuse”
  • Add compat with Woocommerce in medias “unuse”
  • Add feature “exclude list” for media “unuse”


  • Improved indexing of the media “unuse”


  • Fix Bulk delete refresh page
  • Fix display medias tab
  • Add file .htaccess in native file WordPress for apache server
  • Add compat with Beaver Builder in medias “unuse”
  • Add product image gallery Woocommerce in medias “unuse”
  • Add product image variation Woocommerce in medias “unuse”


  • Initial version.